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Sunday, July 31, 2005

"thanks for waiting for me, jacko, but i still can't play.I've decided to go for a Ph.D" comic pix from Leo Cullum.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

final assessment of damage. 29 plates(includes 2 portions of fruits served on one plate, the 2 chawanmushi, but excludes the complimentary ice-cream.

my partner-in-crime finishing up his chocolate ice-cream...

cookies dough chips, it's not that nice but ok no choice they run out of the other flavours i would prefer. aka choco chip

final plate of salmon sushi, it dissappeared in under 10secs... burb...

plates stacking up, 10 plates removed earlier. a testiment of our determination to eat our $$'s worth in the buffet.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Guys will always be guys...

guys who dun look at gals, are not guys.
it's too obvious, when guys look at gals, haha...

saw a couple of (most likely) poly gals sitting outside a bubble tea shop, yes it's that bubble tea shop which give me student discount one. ah-ha...
was helping my bro buy some stuff and as i was keaving the shop, i saw all of the guys looking at a certain direction.
from my many yrs of experience, i can expect a very chio gal in that direction or at least a decent looking gal, and true enuf got 2 xiao mei mei walked away already.

ate my fill with the sushi buffet, finished a total of approx 26 plates of sushi with damon.
personal damage(appox):
4 plates of salmon sushi
3 plates of tofu
2 plates of scallop
1.5 plate of clam sushi(0.5 eaten by damon)
1 unagi sushi
1 chawanmushi(half-eaten cause funny taste)
1 pako taki
1 japanese pancake
1 cup of ice-cream

no pics til i get my hp to return to normal, it's now in hanging mode. argh..

yun the jogger?

walked to the stadium to try to get myself to run a little, trying hard to train for ippt, deadline coming, sch starting n dunno wat else lah, sigh...

went for my 1st round, wow, wat an amazing time, 2.25 for 400m
thats sucks...
2nd round 2:15, slight improvement...
3rd rd 2min, but got too tired and decided to cut short the run,

damn it, should not have brought my stop-watch along, it's too depressing, darn...

Thursday, July 28, 2005

EaT n EaT onli....

sushi buffet, here i come again, gonna have to mentally n physically prepare myself for another round of stuffing myself. pre-buffet preparation includes making sure your stomach is running on empty, and u're in this eat everything that comes your way mode.

eating is an effective but bad for your body way to relive stress, cause when u eat u dun think that much.

only 28 students taking a module?

no of students taking so far: 28

this looks pretty scary, it's like a secondary class size, where the tutor will know hu everyone is, that sucks, that means no chance to smoke out/slack.

managed to bid for sci of music, with my really insane bid of 933, number is just for fun, ended up spending only 250, whew, i thought that it would end up much higher. 250 is a steal considering my fren spend 800+ on it last sem.

more pts=better=easier to bid for hard to bid modules=can place bid to scare ppl....
haha. i'm evil....

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

for a moment...

i thought i was doomed and condemned to major in compuational science when i realised that i cant change my major on the cors website, then it juz so happened to be a server cock up. whew... i'm now an official applied maths major student, so long com sci...

juz when u thought things cannot get any worse, the cors web site started to lag, wtf? to add a module seems to like take forever.

then nvm, tried to add LSM1301-general biology as a module.

what happens? server says i dun meet pre-requisites or got preclusion, wtf again? i dun remember taking any life sci mod last yr. double-checked the sci fac handbook, then saw the following sentence:
preclusion: A-level pass in biology
argh, it's a crime to pass bio in a-level? if i know i last time drop b4 A-levels then now still can happily clear this mod as a fac requiment.

more or less confrimed list of modules for next sem:





PC1327 Science of music (this is a really hot module cause no final exam, my fren spent over 800+ pts juz to bid on this module last sem)
GEK2001/SSA2202 Changing landscapes of Singapore

Sunday, July 24, 2005

after the shock of the singaporean typhoon, was approached by some starbucks gal giving free samples, thanks starbucks. for the dunno wat strawberry drink, even if the sample was really little.

typical war/sale zone, after an attack by the kiasu singaporean typhoon. the real typhoon just destroys everything. the singaporean typhoon messes up the whole place until u'll juz feel like burning away everything, instead of re-arranging the clothes.

saturday of a no-life yun

kicks-starts the day by being a driver, from pasir-ris to kovan to toa payoh n back home. only thing bothering me was the slight drizzle, the rain was drizzling for a moment then stop, then start again, then i had to adjust the wipers accordingly, darn troublesome.

and i get mistaken as another person again.....
this time, it's rather, er unique...

location:S11 food court, near tampines library.

i went to the library to return a book, a book that i didnt finish reading, a book that i think will take too much trouble to read, n the title was "to kill a mocking bird"
one chapter was all it took to kill me, i wondered how many chapters it took to kill that particular mocking bird.

strolls to food court after returning the book, was planning to eat chicken rice, then realised that the chicken rice stall looked different, looks like they changed hawkers, decided against ordering it as the chicken rice didnt look too nice.
walked deeper into the food court to find an alternative. noticed a new stall, looks rather appetizing, it helps that they had a recommendation from a food guide.

okay, so i shall try this new stall then, business looks rather brisk, should not be too bad,
dumpling noodles,pictured with 4 dumplings - $4
chicken cutlet noodles - $4
oyster vegetables - $2
set D,chicken cutlet noodles+2 dumplings+oyster vegetable - $5 (any logical person would order set D, most worth it, in my opinion)

was busy still trying to decide on wat to order, looking at the menu in front of me, placed on the counter, so my head was facing down. then the auntie at the stall asked:
"xiao mei, wat u wan to order?"

i looked to my left, nope...
no xiao mei mei
i looked to my right, nope...
an uncle

where got xiao mei? i looked at the stall auntie with the most puzzled look i can give.
then i realised wat happened, the auntie was referring to me. the auntie quickly apologised to me, if i had a manga face, i would have a semi-sad look with a big water droplet at the side of my head, the stunned n dunno wat to say look. it's so sad, i was hoping that at least if get mistaken get mistaken as some young kid lah, but as a xiao mei? wtf? i'm gonna avoid that food court for a few weeks at least already....

Saturday, July 23, 2005

tv addict

spent at least 6 hrs in front of the tv/computer screen, no kidding, bulk of time spent watching anime, going to finish full metal achemist soon, watched the latest naruto n bleach, and even plus the guess variety show.

benefits of being a tv addict:
1. save $, going out=spend $, staying at home=save $, very simple one.

sigh, sometimes it's not that i wanna stay at home, unemployed, nothing else to do mah, darn i'm suddenly reminded of the fact that i have to clear ippt soon, sianz, they keep sending me sms already, die already... i cant run for nuts...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

i hate tv mobile...

y? cause they replayed a particular clip over n over again, and i happened to watch that clip the 3rd time today, argh...

there's this certain video clip produced by dunno wat poly and it is supposed to take abt the female gangsters of the 60s. i'm fine with them making such clips, but muz i be"lucky" enuf to watch it 3 times?

i was taking a long bus ride then they started showing the clip not long after i boarded the bus, then u are stuck in a bus, with nothing else to watch/do, it's not as if u turn your head away, u cant see the tv, the sound will still reach u, then u'll start thinking if u should juz alight n take the mrt instead. it's almost like stuck in the front row of a movie theater watching a movie, a sucky feeling.

i think i will go mad if i see it again the next time i take the bus, btw toto's a really hard game to win anything, never won anything from them before, lost $3 trying my luck, rubbish odds. i figured getting stuck by lightning would be somehow easier than winning toto.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

some people juz dun seem to learn

i was watching this particular hong kong drama n it was set in the qing dynasty, there was this particular rubbish scene which i wondered y they added it in.

the main character of the show is a young lad who opens an armed escort agency(aka those transport valubles/belongings for people while protecting the safety of the goods)

earlier when they went out on a mission for the first time, and passed by this deserted hill area, then the main character started talk cock with his uncle, wondering why so deserted one the area, then his uncle suggested that they shout out the name of their armed escort agency in an effort to frighten off any would-be bandits.

and as expected of any hk drama, the bandits appeared and juz when they were abt to kill the main lead off, some highly skilled master drops by and saves them( so predictable rite? if the main lead dies then where got show for them to carry on?)

then for the 2nd time, they went out for another assignment again, they passed by a deserted forest this time, then they started shouting the name of their armed escort agency again, and bandits appeared again. and yes, they survived the bandit encounter also.

morale of story: when u're escorting/carrying stuff be it valubles or wat-ever, u dun go around announcing to people that u are around or you're carrying valuble stuff. thats a perfect example of the stupidity factor.

Monday, July 18, 2005

黑夜过后(after the dark night)

been having trouble finding this particular song, the internet was once this everything was free thing, but it's getting harder n harder to locate n download stuff from the net, be it mp3 or video or wat ever. yah, i know it's morally wrong(plus it's illegal) to download mp3 but most ppl dun care anyway.

there's this very nice line from the song:

translation: the first ray of sunlight after the dark night is to melt the frost in your heart.

wah liew, it's almost like something u would find in a love letter.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

guess, guess, guess^3

i have no complaints for today's guess variety show. the section featured today was about gals who were pros in sport but dun look like.

but the most interesting section was the final part of the show, where they had this love declaration of a gal. haha, that one was really interesting. becoz the gal really looked like a gal my love-lorn fren likes. haha, really almost the same, always wear t-shirt, a little tom-boy, cute cute n wear cap that kind, haha....

there's this uni gal in yr 3, she's been secretly in love with her senior for 3 yrs already, then this time she got the help of the variety show to help her declare her love. The show host then advised her to dress up, cause her usual attire was the t-shirt, tomboy kind. n so they got her a more decent attire, similiar to those mango kind.

i rather amazed by these taiwanese, they've got this really brilliant phone service, where before u place a call to the other party, u add in a pre-fix of say "802" in front of the number u gonna call. then after u fin your call to the other person, the phone company will send a msg back telling u how interested the other party is in u, depending on the tone of the voice n such, will give u something like a meter reading of say 70, together with how the person could be feeling abt u. (dear singtel/m1/starhub, bring this service to spore leh, i wanna use, haha...)

back to the love declaration story, so the hosts of the variety show asked the gal to call the guy using this particular phone service. contents of the phone call were something like this:" hey, are u at the basketball court? i'm in the area, so i'm going there to look for u(sounds familiar??? haha...)"

results of the phone call:55% it's like a border-line pass, the other person could be interested but intentions are un-clear.

and so the gal went to the basketball court to look for the guy, together with a sushi bento that the gal prepared. gal reaches bball court, guy stops playing bball to speak to gal, guy comments how differents she looks, gal gives guy bento, guy thanks gal n returns to playing bball, gal leaves bball court n calls guy using that special phone service.

results of the 2nd phone call:80% high chance that the other person is interested in u.

then they went for a movie together, as it was slightly drizzling, gal was carrying an umbrella, the hosts were commenting that the guy should have helped the gal carry the umbrella,(so guys, muz always act gentlemanly at all times, haha..)

n after the movie, they walked off to an area where the gal could profess her love to the guy, gal gives guy a scrapbook of her thoughts, then the hosts popped out with a couple of balloons with the guys name n wat the gal wans to say written on it(idea, rite? the balloons part)

then it was now or never for the gal, gal tells guy how she's been secretly in love with him, then there was a moment of silence before the guy gave his reply, luckily the guys also gave positive reply.(hey, it was on tv man, imagine guy rejecting gal on national tv, that gal confrim very no face lor..)

Friday, July 15, 2005

another well-designed paper bag.

got milk? enuf of the whole nkf thing, let other people settle him. pic is actually part of a milk carton like packaging i got after buying a t-shirt. damn, all these creative people design the paper bag until so nice, see lah, i dun feel like throwing it away already. did discuss option of collecting such paper bags, but that would take a whole lot of time plus money. both of which i dun have, argh.... i wonder need to collect until how many such paper bags until the taiwanese variety show(the jacky wu guess show) will come n approach me to show them my collection, haha...

Thursday, July 14, 2005

NKF vs SPH(the other version)

the following is a fictional exchange of words between NKF n SPH.

SHP boss to SHP employee:wah liew, no big news lately leh, newspapers sales down again, basket... IOC finish already, Beckham also fly away... even the London bombings also a while only... no news from London already... how? u tell me how?

SHP employee: eh boss, i got this certain article, from a certain source thats says the NFK CEO tried to install gold taps in his private bedrooms using NFK funds. so how? can put as headlines?

SHP boss: really? the last time i played golf with him, he play cheat and cheated me of my $$, bloody hell... this time i'm gonna get back at him. but wait i put as headlines gahmen find trouble with me how? that NFK CEO got backing one leh....

SHP employee: then like that we put the article behind lor, near the forum, test water, see wat that guy(NFK CEO) will react, we control the newspapers anyway...

SHP boss: ok set, like that can. tell the printing uncle to add the article in for tomolo's paper. we see how that bugger will react....

the day after....

NFK CEO(throwing the newspapers on his desk and discussing the matter with his lawyers):
look at this, bloody hell, SHP trying to find trouble with me is it? nevermind, i shall sue them, i got $ anyway, my monthly salary so much, scared wat? if not enough, i can always organise more charity shows...

and a few more days after...

SHP boss: haha, that stupid bugger try to sue me? he's gonna get it already, i'm gonna tell the whole world how much he owns and how much of it comes from NFK funds. haha, this time confrim can increase newspapers sales.. haha....(evil laughter in background)

disclaimer: the above post of words is entirely fictional and does not represent the NKF or the SPH.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

the 4 heavenly kings

once upon a time, there were 4 heavenly kings(more like 4 mahjong obsessed freaks) who stayed in the far east.
they were the fish king(fish, aka shi hao), hum shen(ah rick), obh(bang hui, obh=initials) n monkey(me, it's a dumb nickname, given to me by my frens cause i have too many ape t-shirts and always wear them.)

with too much free time on their hands, they decided to play mahjong whenever they had the time. They played mahjong(almost) all day long, and the record stands at 5 rounds, with the mahjong session starting at my place(morning), n continued at ah rick's place(til late at nite) with a dinner break in between.

then one day, they decided to go for a trip overseas together. and after going through many places, they decided on going to korea to see the legendary korean gals.(there was still a korean wave going on, and we thought that we might get to see some of the pretty korean babes that we usually see on tv. but it's really over-hyped, didnt really get to see any kor babes. the closest we got was some young kor mum pushing her kid in a pram who looked pretty gd, considering she's a mother n such.)

there were other people on the trip, but no other teenagers or young ppl who were in the same age group. and so we occupied the last section of the coach. and once when we returned after visiting the hard rock cafe in seoul. in a moment of brillance or fun or whichever u prefer, the fisk king announced to the bus that the four heavenly kings returns to their throne.(si da tian wang gui wei) that got the rest of the people on the coach laughing.

and hence there were 4 heavenly kings.

and if u really muz know, we brought along a mini mahjong set(those travelling type with mini tiles) along for the trip and played mahjong in the hotel room whenever we had nothing else to do at night. we modified the system so that we played in kor won, and the end result a game where u could win or lose thousands of won.(10 000 won is roughly S$15) which sounds rather scary as compared to back in spore u only counted in the cents.

underside of seal.

gift from my fren(obh) who came back from china a while ago, it's like a seal thing, and on the under side is carved xing ye in chinese characters, it's supposed to represent the xin in my name. my other fren got yu in chinese character carved on his seal. i think it's pretty cool.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

i dun look over 18 meh?

it's the issue abt my age again. there's this certain vcd rental shop near my place and i went there this morning to borrow a certain vcd thats rated M18.

the shop assistant looked me in the eye and asked if i was over 18.
dunno y i'm being asked this stupid qn over n over again, everytime kenna one, argh...
i simply replied yah and then she double checked with my records to see if i was over 18.

then walked over to the bubble tea shop next door to get a cup of bubble tea for my troublesome brother. this time i'm glad to be mistaken as some poly kid, so i can get student discount, then nowadays the auntie i think somehow can recognise me already, so no need to show my "fake" temasek poly bus pass also can get discount, haha.. (for more info refer to june 11 post)
i'm evil...

mahjong (again???)

my only source of entertainment for sat nites: mahjong

sounds sad, like really no life like that, argh...

saw my fren ah rick win "da san yuan" earlier. n thats
3 white dragons(bai ban) 3 red dragons(hong zhong) 3 green dragons(fa cai)
so thats a total of 12 tai, but as we were playing limit 5 tai then add 1 dollar for any tai over the limit. so his total winnings for that set was $33.80, playing $0.20/$0.40 for each tai.

but luckily i dun have to pay a single cent as my another fren fish "bao", so he had to pay everything. ah rick had 3 white dragons and 3 red dragons out already, but then fish didnt believe that ah rick had such amazing luck and decided to test his luck by discarding a green dragon tile. and it turned out to be an really expensive tile to throw.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

learned a new word yesterday.

Barky: pronounced bark-y ,verb

derived from the noun bark, the sound that dogs make.
used to describe noisy animals eg:dogs or people.

Examples:" My neighbour's dog is so barky, everytime bark n bark only."
"That Ah Seng very barky one leh, always make so much noise one."

woshiyiduoyun is a practical person

was watching guess, guess, guess , guessX3 earlier. the first part was the using guess which person was lying from 3 people.

the 1st person was a gal who took part in the beauty contests n is a pest exterminator, the hornets that kind.
2nd person was a guy who collects bear droppings,
n the last was an inventor with 108 patents and drives a Benz.

and the person lying was....
the bear droppings collecter.

then they showed a video clip on how the beauty contestant took care of an hornet's nest which was kinda cool.
it was followed by the guy with 108 patents under his belt. this guy really can invent man. there was this special torchlight that could work without batteries. there's a cord attached to the torchlight, and all u had to do was to pull the cord 10 times and the torchlight would work for 5 mins. which is a pretty cool invention, saves $ from buying batteries n saves the hassle of changing them.

then i was happily waiting for the most anticipated section of the tv show when they announced that the theme today was guys who look like gals, wtf???? who wans to look at sissy guys???
turned off the tv straight away.
reminds me of how everytime in army cannot go home that time, so every nite watch tv then everytime watch the guess show, all the guys will anticipate the last section of the show where they will feature icy maiden gals or twins who look alike or cute gals, gals with good figures n etc... all guys are hum-sup, chee ko peh one(esp those army ppl, too deprived..)
then if they show those section where feature guys one, someone will juz turn the tv off and everyone will juz go to sleep or do something else instead of watching the show.

Friday, July 08, 2005

ppl who cannot make it...

people who dun have the face or figure should not appear on tv in a bikini.

i've been waiting for the chance to write this post, just never had the chance to and always slipped my mind.

there's this certain tv actress(name withheld for privacy reasons) who is with channel 8. i think she has no looks and no figure, too skinny, face is always that kind act ugly roles in jack neo movies that kind.
pt is got face no figure, still ok, not that bad.
got figure no face, then cover face n look at body, still can.
but if no face and no figure, best is dun show anything, u'll frighten ppl more than amaze them.

she appeared in some shopping guide show on tv and appeared in one section wearing a bikini. was taking the bus when suddenly tv mobile show this part. was really turned off by the sight of a bamboo pole wearing a bikini, showing it off on tv.

i wonder if mediacorp nowadays got qc(quality control) or not, or all sleeping, tsk tsk, the quality of some shows are really bad. like an auntie-like character wearing bikini and showing off on national tv, no wonder i hardly watch local shows.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

woshiyiduoyun is gay???

darn, my fren juz commented that my nick sounds gay...
that sucks...
but dun worry, woshiyiduoyun is straight and will not attempt or try to attempt any intention to be gay...

but at least it's slightly better than my brother's chinese name, i got female junior from secc same name as my brother ... haha...

that got me laughing for a while...

and for more laughs, check out questgal's blog.
it's almost like a checklist for u to suan ppl, haha...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Origins of woshiyiduoyun

Cloud Strife(normal version)

Cloud Strife(cute version) main character in the game FF7

just in case, anybody's wondering where does my nick come from, i'm gonna disclose it all here.
this all started way back in my secondary school days where the PS one was THE console at that time. the 1st game i bought for this console was Final Fantasy 7 or FF7 in short(jap version), although i didnt understand a single word in jap i still enjoyed the game and completed like one disc of it(there were like 3 discs of it), the graphics were really amazing. went on to play the english version, really enjoyed the game and it's storyline. and a little fascination with guys carrying big swords and a bad-ass attitude. Hence my email has cloudstrife in it.

fast forword to the present and just last year when i was starting life as a new freshie in NUS, was introduced to this thing called msn, it sorta took over the ICQ of the past( does anyone still remember ICQ?) then while asked to type in a nickname for my msn, i was thinking of something that could have a link to my email, then this idea hit me(like all of a sudden), and hence i'm known as...
I am a piece of cloud
and can be seen floating around NUS science faculty (and Arts canteen sometimes also.)
btw its also true that i like clouds as an aspect of nature.

woshiyiduoyun reads???

started reading again, er... motivated by certain factors, it seems a long time since i went to the library to borrow books to read. picture above is the lastest novel that i have digested. simple book review: it's a nice story n ending, and easy to digest book, finished it in less than a day. was introduced to this author by a fren. think i'm gonna borrow his other 2 books, American Gods and Neverwhere.

I'm actually a huge fan of John Grisham, read almost all of his books, kinda stumbled onto this author while trying to find stuff to read many yrs back(i've forgotten exactly when but it was way back, i'm getting old... sigh...) i like the way he writes about the American legal system (and it's loopholes also) it's like a totally different system from spore when if u're guilty, u're like more or less sentenced already. And once u get a criminal record in spore, u're gone FOREVER, condemned like a sinner who deserves to go to hell.( well, it's almost like that...)

of all the books written by him, my fave is still The Rainmaker. defination of Rainmaker:One who is known for achieving excellent results in a profession or field, such as business or politics. i do sometimes dream about being one. it's like really great to be recognised in wat ever profession u work in. did apply to NUS Business school as my first choice, but kenna rejected and given NUS science faculty instead.(must be my not so great results n my lousy General Paper that "hai" me) notice the difference in the two web-sites, kinda tells u which is better almost instantly.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

august beckons...

with the coming of august, i forsee another hectic round of bidding of modules, and a lousy and over-packed semester.
at first when i declared my major as computational science(maths), i thought that this would be the major for me, then i realised that i was on the wrong ship, and decided to jump ship before i sank along with it.
now, i've been busy thinking of doing my major as maths or stats.
both lists sucks, the no of modules and type of modules to clear are long and ugly, esp for maths.
but i do have some phobia of stats modules after the ugly probability hurdle which i didnt manage to clear.
i have frens in both majors, so it's not really a big prob, but going thru the list of modules to clear is enuf to give me headaches...