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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Top 10 Ways to Ji Seow a NSF

10) If he wears glasses, tell him how stupid he looks in those black plastic ones.If he doesn't, call him a pilot dropout.

9) Get your grandmother, show him she can run faster.

8) Ask him how many forests he has touched so far.

7) Call him a chao recruit.

6) Call him a botak (having very little hair is demoralising enough, he doesn't need you to rub it in)

5) Confirm the rifle is his wife, ask whether he's still firing blanks with his girl. (wicked)

4) Tell him his girlfriend prefers real men, not boys or sissies.

3) Ask if he's enjoying his combat rations.

2) Tell him he's the lowest lifeform on Earth.

1) Flaunt your pink IC in front of him. (ultimate)

copied from http://www.talkingcock.com/

different place different rules

was at LT25 taking another exam yesterday. this time, nobody bothered to place their bags by the sides of the LT, there were no announcements to do so n there were also no attempts to collect back the un-used answer booklets. the lecturer didnt care, the invigilator didnt care also. so i guess the guy that got "caught" the other day at the mpsh must be damn un-lucky.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

another NUS fee hike???

i dunno y but i cant get it to be any larger than this. for the full version, pls visit http://www.insanepoly.com/

here's wat u can expect:

admin: there will be an increase in sch fees.

student: why?

admin: because of an increase in operational cost.

student: why an increase in operational cost?

admin: because of a need to raise standards.

student:why the need to raise standards?

admin:because of a need to improve our world ranking.

student:why the need to improve world ranking?

admin:so we can raise sch fees.

student:why raise sch fees?

admin:because of an increase in operational cost.

n well u can continue the argument on your own...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

it's not my fault, (really!)

was at mpsh(multi-purpose sports hall) earlier to take my (not!!!) basics exam.

there was a year one student seated right beside me in the examination hall.
before the exam started, there were repeated calls that told u to place your bags by the side of the exam hall. i noticed that this particular student had his bag beside him, despite the repeated announcements. i simply minded my own business like a typical singaporean n proceeded to take the exam.

at the end of the exam, while the invigilators were going around collecting un-used exam answer booklets, i noticed that this student had already cleared his table n packed his stuff into his bag, it's damn obvious that his table is empty while the other tables are still filled with stationary.

soon, an invigilator came over n asked this particular student why did he leave his bag beside him. the answer was that he didnt know. so the invigilator had to ask a more senior(follow chain of command) invigilator to take over the situation. the more senior lady came over n inspected the contents of the bag. she found some notes inside which would be pretty common considering that u're going for an exam. the student tried to plead for leniency but the lady simply told him that she had to report him as it was against the rules.

in the end, the student had to stay back with the invigilators while the rest of the students left. i dunno wat happened to him afterwards cause i didnt stay to become a kay-poh.

maybe i should have reminded the student to place his bag by the side, but the strange thing is that through out the whole exam, nobody noticed that bag, it was only until the end of the exam then the invigilators spotted it. so it's not really my fault, okay?

Monday, November 27, 2006

some things u should expect

it's okay if u dunno how to do the exam paper, as long as got ppl who are worse off in doing their paper then you're basically fine.

but if u see everyone smiling while u're the onli one frowning, u better start worrying...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

wk-ends seem like wk-days

i guess there no difference in a wk-end n a wk-day when u're having exams. it's just mug/study or wat-ever. some notable differences would be the frequency of internal nus shuttle buses, the damn crowd inside nus mac, ppl inside the science library.

the biggest difference:

the tv shows on tv bah.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


i spotted the following on my fren's lecture notes. apperantly the lecturer added her pic in for the lecture slides n these comments were written by either my fren or someone else.

"die bitch die n may u never re-incarnate. may u burn in the depths of hell. oh, just scrape that, maybe u should get tb...."

picture these comments with an arrow pointing at the lecturer's pix.

poor memory, so cant remember wat the exact words were.
but u get the rough idea.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

PS3 out!

oh, if only u can see me drool at this machine. pure addiction. i would really get one if i had the $.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

cheap labour

a fictional ad for an army enlistment for national service



all you have to do is sign up as a "chao recruit" at tekong....

(note: the $240 pay was a few years back when the army pay was still un-revised,
imagine domestic helpers/maids being paid more than NSF, kaoz....)

exams next week!

another end of sem, another round of exams, another round of help-sheets....

there are ppl whom u dun really wanna squeeze together with on a crowded internal shuttle bus,

n they are.....

1. ppl who dun bathe.

i dunno y, but i bet they can even make roses wilt with their strong body odour.

2. ppl who just finish exercising.

3. ppl who chatter non stop.

there should be more, but cant think of any at the moment.

Monday, November 13, 2006

heard this somewhere

got somebody went n posted an assignment qn online on Yahoo! Answers, i dunno wat module n which cock-ster went n did something like that. but from wat i know this person posted the whole question expecting soemone to help answer but it seems there are no replies to the post.

super cock-ster...
u think your lecturers dunno where u get yours answers from meh?

spotted a note

pasted on the fridge door on the cluster fridge. anybody who's ever stayed on campus will tell u that there's a common pantry on every level, n a common fridge.

so it seems that ppl on my level are not that honest.

someone pasted a note that read:

"u have been warned for the n-th time....
do not take things that do not belong to u....
do not blame me if u keep going to the toilet, cause i might poison the drinks...
u are here to study not steal...
grow up...."


Friday, November 10, 2006

"almost" kenna thrashed by primary school kid

the key word here is "almost" okay?

went bowling earlier, some mini fun bowl. prizes from 1st to 3oth.
won $10 for high game, plus a bottle of sparkling juice.

had a disasterous start with 129
pick up a bit with 167
then peak at 238 then end off with 198
(disclaimer: the high game is only given to those lower than 6th position, got ppl bowl 259 in 2nd position but i still get the high game cause the organisers wanna make it more fair to the other bowlers, else the winners win $ from position n high game)

in the end average 181

primary sch kid bowled 180 average. (not including handicap)
his last game was 167, he missed his last spare, else he would have won me.

wah, si bei heng...
else si bei pai-seh to lose to primary sch kid.

However, "technically" he did win me with his 15 pin handicap but that was ONLY because the organisers give him chance cause he small kid.

Es presentation over...

argh, it's finally over...

darn, was so nervious during the presentation that kept staring at my notes, the screen, plus anyhow jump from the bottom of the slide to the middle. no proper order.

but it's over. thats the most impt thing.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

wats so scary abt the library?

the mugging atmosphere.

u look left....
got some guy buried in a mountain of books...

u look right...
got some gal staring at her notes intensively.....

u look in front....
got some guy typing furiously on the laptop

u look behind....
got some gal....

playing games on a pda/laptop

disclaimer: i was not inside the library mugging, was just there to return some stuff to fren.
got prensentation tomolo, need to settle it 1st.

basic manners

u know when u about to enter a lift, on the ground floor somemore.
u usually allow the ppl inside to come out of the lift first rite, then after that then u enter rite?

got 2 female students who were so engrossed in chatting among themselves that they simply rushed into the lift the moment the lift door opened. there were like around 3 ppl still inside the lift n i could see their stunned look. u know u abt to exit the lift then suddenly got ppl juz rush in like nobody biz.

so since the students "forced" their way into the lift, the ppl inside the lift had no choice but to "give way" to these students. then when the students were "safely" inside the lift. then the ppl inside could come out (finally) i could even see one of the guys who came out shaking his head in disgust.

n where was i?

i was simply waiting for the same lift, n standing some distance away watching this whole drama unfold.

Monday, November 06, 2006

18 november

if u're wondering, wat date this is,

fret no more....

it's just the date when the Arts canteen is closed for renovation.
although it's arts canteen, n i'm from science.
i still will go there for reasons such as the food and the "view".

will make it a pt to go there more often from now til 18th nov.

sometimes i juz feel like take-away all the nice food there then freeze dry n put inside time capsule.

this is just to make me drool...
just dun spoil the image by adding a balding middle-aged uncle behind the wheel with some hot babe sitting beside him...


(initially cant spell this word, had to do an internet search to find out.)

saw one last wk, imagine one lamborghini = dunno how many nissan sunny/altis/vios/mazda
the thing i remember most was the sound of the engine.


it was so loud, i could even hear it after it turned away at the junction.

IF i ever become a millionaire, i'll definately buy one of those.
even if driving one in a speed limit + traffic light clutered spore, makes it pretty meaning -less.

it's more like...

vroomm.... then brake cause red light.....
then vroom.... then brake cause kayu driver in front....

or vroomm.... then step brake to slow down cause got speed camera....
then vroomm....
then slow down cause got traffic police in front.....

Sunday, November 05, 2006

replay mode

this is the song thats running thru my head most of the time for now...
nice song, enjoy...



Thursday, November 02, 2006

7 mins

7 mins,
(maybe even less)

that was how long my presentation took.

was pretty nervious going into the presentation, was juz glad to get it over with.

still got another one coming up next week. argh.


due to one of my maths mod, the lecturer teaching at a blistering speed, in order to fully utilise lecture time, the lecturer gonna go through tutorials during lectures as the syllabus almost finished. so now my wednesdays is reduced to one lesson only.
darn, still no free day yet.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

i didnt know until that day

went tour-hunting with parents on sunday, amazed to see the scale of how big a particular tour company is.

electronic screens to show queue number


thats not all, they even have different sections for different tours.
ie different queue nos for different tours.


it looks as though u're waiting for your turn to see the doc at the polyclinic.

then there's the semi professional ones, they give u a slip of paper showing your queue no, n call out your queue no manually.

exchange students

saw a couple of jap exchange students yesterday,

how to spot one?

look for the gals with the knee high stockings n flashy dressing.

i guess it's sorta like an excursion to them, giggling at everything they see.
but it proves a pt:

not all jap gals are "kawaii"

things ppl do when they have too much free time

click on the link to find out more, u'll appreciate it more if u've been thru NS.


i guess he never kenna arrow enuf, else he won't be doing such stuff.