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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

it's not my fault, (really!)

was at mpsh(multi-purpose sports hall) earlier to take my (not!!!) basics exam.

there was a year one student seated right beside me in the examination hall.
before the exam started, there were repeated calls that told u to place your bags by the side of the exam hall. i noticed that this particular student had his bag beside him, despite the repeated announcements. i simply minded my own business like a typical singaporean n proceeded to take the exam.

at the end of the exam, while the invigilators were going around collecting un-used exam answer booklets, i noticed that this student had already cleared his table n packed his stuff into his bag, it's damn obvious that his table is empty while the other tables are still filled with stationary.

soon, an invigilator came over n asked this particular student why did he leave his bag beside him. the answer was that he didnt know. so the invigilator had to ask a more senior(follow chain of command) invigilator to take over the situation. the more senior lady came over n inspected the contents of the bag. she found some notes inside which would be pretty common considering that u're going for an exam. the student tried to plead for leniency but the lady simply told him that she had to report him as it was against the rules.

in the end, the student had to stay back with the invigilators while the rest of the students left. i dunno wat happened to him afterwards cause i didnt stay to become a kay-poh.

maybe i should have reminded the student to place his bag by the side, but the strange thing is that through out the whole exam, nobody noticed that bag, it was only until the end of the exam then the invigilators spotted it. so it's not really my fault, okay?


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