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Friday, November 10, 2006

"almost" kenna thrashed by primary school kid

the key word here is "almost" okay?

went bowling earlier, some mini fun bowl. prizes from 1st to 3oth.
won $10 for high game, plus a bottle of sparkling juice.

had a disasterous start with 129
pick up a bit with 167
then peak at 238 then end off with 198
(disclaimer: the high game is only given to those lower than 6th position, got ppl bowl 259 in 2nd position but i still get the high game cause the organisers wanna make it more fair to the other bowlers, else the winners win $ from position n high game)

in the end average 181

primary sch kid bowled 180 average. (not including handicap)
his last game was 167, he missed his last spare, else he would have won me.

wah, si bei heng...
else si bei pai-seh to lose to primary sch kid.

However, "technically" he did win me with his 15 pin handicap but that was ONLY because the organisers give him chance cause he small kid.


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