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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

basic manners

u know when u about to enter a lift, on the ground floor somemore.
u usually allow the ppl inside to come out of the lift first rite, then after that then u enter rite?

got 2 female students who were so engrossed in chatting among themselves that they simply rushed into the lift the moment the lift door opened. there were like around 3 ppl still inside the lift n i could see their stunned look. u know u abt to exit the lift then suddenly got ppl juz rush in like nobody biz.

so since the students "forced" their way into the lift, the ppl inside the lift had no choice but to "give way" to these students. then when the students were "safely" inside the lift. then the ppl inside could come out (finally) i could even see one of the guys who came out shaking his head in disgust.

n where was i?

i was simply waiting for the same lift, n standing some distance away watching this whole drama unfold.


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