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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Random snippets from Taiwan

This was spotted at the Kaohsiung airport toilet before we departed back to Singapore. And this picture was taken inside the above one of the urinal there. They like have various other messages but i found this one to be the most funny.

haha. since when ren yan ke wei = give a dog a bad name and hang him.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

what people should not do during a movie

1.chatter non-stop during the course of the movie

2.using their cell phones during the movie, then got the light staring out of their phones, like they are telling the whole cinema that they have this new and latest model.

3.Seat too upright in the movie seat (no offense to tall people here) but it would be better if tall people can lean back a little on their cinema seats so that the person behind wont be watching a pirated dvd( aka those secretly taken videos in the cinema that shows head popping out in the bottom of the screen)


Place: The Cathay

I was catching Hancock with my dear at the Cathay, it was an okay movie experience until the end of the movie and we left the cinema and travelled down the escalator. the exit of the cinema was on the 5th floor and because there are likely to be a lot of people using the washrooms on that level. We went down to the 4th floor to use the toilets there.

The moment we reached the 4th floor, there was this whole group of young people whom i guess they are around my age or so. There were like around 3 guys 2 gals like that, and out of the blue there was this guy in yellow who suddenly turned around and said to me:

"Hello, can you dun keep kicking my seat during the course of the movie, It's very annoying, you know when i want to enjoy the movie. I tried to give you hint that I was already not happy with it but you still continued."

Everyone was stunned, including that big group of young people, who were like also wondering was was going on.

I was stunned for a moment as well, as was my gf. We were like wondering what was going on. then I realised that this was the same guy who was sitting in front of me with his head popping out of the bottom of my viewing angle. I think i may have accidentally knocked with my knee into his chair a couple of times during the movie, while i was adjusting my position during the movie. but i still dun recall like purposely kicking his chair to annoy him.

In order to avoid any further complications, i quickly said a few words of apology and left the 4th floor.

I dun know if this guy was being too sensitive or what, but i still feel that this was a weird situation in which i was like minding my own biz and some stranger comes up to you and says that you did something to him just now, in which you reply with a blank stare and wonder whats going on.