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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Korean food @ Square 2

Next up...

Korean food.
(somehow i think my blog will become a food blog with all these pictures of food.)

We went to try this korean restaurent by the name of Seoul Yummy.
It's located at Square 2 above Novena mrt there, next door to Velocity.

Thats my gf with her saba set.

And this is my stone grill thing beef and rice. (anyway i still have no idea what the proper name for this thing/dish)

This is supposed to be some pancake thingy, which i still have no idea wats it called. haha. we added this cause we had some $5 voucher n we could use it only after we spent 30 and above, so we added this item in order to enjoy the discount.. It's okay bah, but not exactly mind-blowing special or anything.

Close up of the Saba set, It does not look that great, but i assure u that it tastes better than what i ordered below.

Stone grill beef rice thing. looks great on the photo with the steam n everything but tastes so- so only. haiz... i was expecting i guess a different taste bah, as in a more vibrant taste, but the beef was a little dry n the rice was a little tasteless, so i wont be ordering this the next time i go back le.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Singapore Arts Festival 2008

I saw this arts performance at the Tampines St 11 round market(yes, the design of the market is really round like a doughnut, dun believe you can come my house to take a look de) there, which is near my place on sunday. I later found out that this guy was french n such, but i didnt know about this until i saw the newspapers later on.

I guess it is always nice to have these arts performances near the heartlands, to expose the heart-landers to arts from other cultures and up their level of artistic appreciation. (okay, i still think it's a decent effort to do so even though singaporens will mostly bo chup or dun care bah)

This is the name of the perfomer and the name of his act. I guess a picture speaks a thousand words. so it would be easier to use the pictures below to explain what his act is all about.

He saw the little girl and proceeded to get down from his piano before getting into a short dance with the girl. the little girl was initially stunned but later on you could tell that she really enjoyed the performance.

This guy is a real charmer, he was busy entertaining the little girl as above, and the crowd really loved his act.

Okay, the guy placed his piano on wheels so that he could play on the move, there's a controller at his left foot there where he could use to control where he wants to move his piano about. So he would move and play his piano at the same time, entertaining the people around him. I still think this is a brilliant idea, which really showcases the arts on the "move" part. =p

Honestly, i didnt know what he was playing or what ever( i suspect most of the ppl there also have no clue as to whose music pieces he was playing) but then i guess the impt thing is to let ppl enjoy his performance bah.

moving on...

okay, now he spotted another member of the audience whom he has to entertain le.

approaching his target...

okay, maybe this time the little girl is too young to understand whats going on, but then i guess she could somehow enjoy the performance bah.

This is the best way to cultivate the young which is by immersing them in the arts even before they know whats going on. =)

now he is preparing to leave his the market already.

This is the classic one, he does not need a horn or anything to tell people that he wants to move, all he needs to do is to play his piano and ppl will naturally give way to him. and look at the side of the photo, he really caught the attention of the uncles and the stall holders.

Sony Viao laptop

the legendary pink vaio laptop....

haha, we searched high and low for this....

we were all ready to purchase it as IMM but then the sales-person told us that they didnt have this colour. haha, then we had to go Jurong point to try our luck, and yes, we finally found it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chicken Rice Balls @ Jalan Bersah

Okay, i dunno if anyone else has ever tried this. I was introduced to this dish and stall by my dad, who is a regular at this stall. He used to grow up in that area, near Rangoon road where his relatives opened a mini mart. I have some vague memory of this mini mart, as his relatives will always usher me to their toys section de. haha. i think i was like 3 yrs old at that time bah.

My dad always used to takeaway for us the Chicken rice balls and even bringing us to eat there whenever he is free. He used to tell me that he will buy them at only 10 cents each last time. and he keeps telling me that the owner is a chinese sinseh who gave up his job to sell this dish as he does not want it to be a lost art. N they will even chit chat a little when my dad goes there to eat de.

(omg, how long was that ago?)

above, the legendary chicken rice balls. They cost slightly less than $10 for a 2 person set meal with your choice of steamed or roasted chicken and 2 chicken rice balls each per person.

after our long journey trekking across the roads in order to reach here, cause we took public transport. It was pretty worth it, as my gf gave her thumbs up for approval. she said the chicken was nice and not dry like what she tried at some other place.

The stall used to be along the main road of Jalan Bersah but they shifted to this current location which is the coffeeshop at the junction of Foch Road and Beatty Lane, or behind the Hoa Nam building which has an OCBC branch there. It is very well hidden and they only serve from 9.30-4pm or until they are sold out for the day. but usually they would close quite early cause they sell out very fast.

The reason why it is very difficult to make these chicken rice balls, is because they need to roll the balls when they are hot. then i heard many people quit after starting work here because they cant take the heat while rolling the riceballs.

then they also have a branch near toa payoh, which was opened by one of their relatives, but the above stall is still the main one.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ben n Jerry's free cone day

Singaporeans are Singaporeans, there will always be a queue for free things. All you need to do to attract Singaporeans is to put the words FREE in on your shop front, n you can be sure there will be a crowd gathering around, and if it is something very popular like Ben n Jerry's then there might even be a queue.

Before i begin my post, i have to state that i never queued for Ben n Jerry's free cone giveaway before. So with that mentality in mind, i decided to give this a try since we were in the area. (and I also need to thank my Dear for queuing together with me, Thanks Dear! =D) It was approximately 10plus when we reached White Sands, there was no queue or anybody there at that time, so we decided to grab some breakfast to pass some time.

This is what we had for breakfast(not bread-fast, hahaha, she knows what i'm referring to de =p), got some dim sum, french toast n tea from Kopitiam, it's nothing fantastic, cause there were not much choices at White Sands.

This is what the queue looks like at approximately 1130, 30 mins before the free giveaway. typical singaporeans.... (okay, i'm one of the typical singaporeans as well)

okay, timecheck: 1145 , 15 mins before free giveaway. the queue gets longer n longer. we're at the camera position, the left side got another line of ppl joining the queue.

Then at 12pm sharp, the Ben n Jerry's staff will come out and countdown somemore.
10, 9 , 8....3, 2, 1..
so interesting.....

Then the queue started moving le. Yeah!

ok, this artistic shot was taken when i asked her to hold the leaflet against the Ben n Jerry's words. hahah. shamelessly proclaiming my photography skills.

okay same thing, we are situated where the camera is, n slowly approaching the Ben & Jerry's counter. then at the same time, the staff will will show you the flavours available so that u can make a quick decision at the counter.
N also they will ask you for your kind donation to charity. n of cos, we got donate lah.

Yes, free cone day, come n get your free cone! Read the sign, queue to get your free cone.

Okay, at this pt, we were like almost next in line for the free cone le. like 3-4 ppl more to go. They have like 3 staff on duty to serve the ice cream, so it's quite fast de.

plus its like one scoop n here you go.

Okay, finally it's our turn at the counter. time check: 12.30pm, surprising le the queue was quite fast and the staff were very efficient, it was like, "what flavour would you like? then here you go, Thank you" I think a customer can be easily served in less than 20 seconds bah.

Yutang posing with her Chocolate Fudge cone in front of the Ben & Jerry store.

Me and the 2 free cones, i got a chunky monkey cone, which was not as nice as the choco fudge de. hmm. so next time i know what flavour to order le.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Mini Bowling

After the Ferris wheel ride, we decided to explore around the building to see what else they had to offer in terms of entertainment. We went to the cinema level to take a look then traveled down to take a look at the new bowling alley. Certain parts of the bowling alley was still under construction but part of it was open for business.

Anyway, the most interesting thing that we saw was the mini bowling below.

It is actually located on the far left side of the bowling alley, with the words Highway 66 Mini Bowl.

As you can see above, it is mini bowling with 2 lanes, half the length of the normal lanes, the pins are mini, the lane is mini, the ball is mini. Basically everything is mini and cute. (it is designed to attract small kids so that they can pester their parents to pay so that they can play here)

Then we saw this little cute boi boi playing over there, as you can see above, he is eagerly waiting for his ball to return so that he can throw it again. the ball is also very small, think slightly smaller than a handball that type.

Yeah, he managed to get some pins down!

So cute right? (waiting for something to happen)

This is how he throws his bowling ball with the expert guidance of his parents.

Not as good as the previous throw, but we dun think he knows anything that is going on, he just picks up the ball and throw. then when the ball returns, he throws it again. (then sometimes the dad would get so bored that he would throw the ball himself, instead of letting his kid throw, haha)

Close up of the cure ah boi and his cute bowling pose.

Yutang and me posing in front of the sign.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ferris Wheel @ E!hub

(okay, after several attempts at testing out the photo uploading tool at blogger, think i finally managed to get a hang of it this time round, so now the order is correct one, from the top scroll down to see the order.)

Ferris wheel? what ferris wheel? think many people would not know about this new Ferris wheel thingy bah, or even this place called E!hub. It's actually the new extension of Downtown east where they built this new building with a cinema, supermarket, bowling alley, restaurants inside. Think of it as a new shopping centre bah, only much smaller with not many shops for u to wander about. Then in this new extension, they built a very colourful ferris wheel which is know as the Cadbury Ferris Wheel. Why do i say it's colourful? you should take a look at how many light bulbs they attach to this thing lor, from the outside as well as the inside, it's just a huge collection of lightbulbs. But it really looks quite nice lah, i must say. It is not very big also and it's not that cheap also, it's $6.50 per person. but they have packages also, like $11.50 for 2 people and $16 for a family of four.(I think, i'm not that sure about the group prices) So if u have more people taking the ride together, it's supposed to be more worth it lor. The whole thing is indoor as well so u dun have to worry about the weather or anything.

We didnt know that they have this new extension or anything, but we wanted to check it out after seeing it on the bus. Later we found out that it was only the 2nd day of operations for the Ferris wheel. Kai xin! so we're actually one of the lucky few who had a chance to ride it after it opened. It was a weekday evening, so luckily got not many people also.

My gf holding up the tickets to get a shot of it with the Ferris wheel as background, while queuing up to take the ride. we tried several shots to get a clear picture, but i think this was the best that we could get. -_-

We also took a pix while inside the queue, we asked a kind uncle to take the pix for us. the above photo was actually the 2nd picture taken cause dunno why the uncle didnt focus the camera properly when he took the 1st picture, so there was his wife in the 1st photo, then we asked him to take another photo for us instead lor. (we thought he wanted to take a photo of his wife instead lor, ahahah)

Shortly not long after, it was our turn to board the carriage le, then we requested to have a whole carriage to ourselves. haha. the staff there let us have our way cause got not much people on that day anyway.

Inside the Ferris wheel, my gf Yutang above. =p

okay thats me inside.

We simply started clicking away while inside the carriage. Zhi pai here(self taken photo) n

Zhi pai there also. just keep taking photos lor. =D

This is what a carriage looks like when u take a picture inside the ride.

My gf and the Ferris wheel, we went outside the building to get a clear shot of the whole Ferris wheel.

Thats me posing in front of the Ferris wheel.

Overall it was an okay ride but a little expensive. We took like 3 rounds then we came down from the ride already, We bought the $11.50 tix so it was like $2 per round and it was not a very big round anyway. but what the heck, this was all for fun and it was a nice experience!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hongkong Cafe visit

This is the pomelo dessert we ordered, it was not as nice as we expect it to be, she says we can get the same thing for like $2+ at ah chew located at liang seah street. it costs like $5 here with a scoop of ice cream on top.

I ordered this mixed baked rice which she commented that it tasted nicer than her baked chicken rice, hahaha. mine had a chicken thigh meat, prawn, mussel, n some salmon.

She ordered a baked chicken rice which is wat u see above, she felt that it was so-so only, nothing fantastic n then the chicken drumstick was too big for her to eat with also

We went to the HongKong cafe located at the 2nd floor of White sands for our dinner. I was like telling my gf that this cafe is quite nice de, as in got ming xing jie shao one. so we proceeded to try the food there lor.