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Monday, June 26, 2006

world cup part 4

nah bei. damn u holland...
i only have vulgurities n more vulgurities for marco van basten n his team...

dirk kuyt was very poor in font of goal n should have been replaced by van nisterooy. but van basten still persisited with the lousy kuyt, who wasted a one on one chance with the keeper. n didnt look like scoring.

n the biggest reason why i'm still cursing n swearing now
is cause i lost $.

i betted on a 1-1 draw n holland to win 2-1
n was still optimistic when protugal took the lead.
n was reather pleased to see portugal reduced to ten men juz b4 half time.
i was thinking:" hou sey liao ah, steady already. think my bet quite ok alredy. with the numerical advantage that holland has, they'll be at least able to score one goal."
then i saw philip cocu hit the cross bar not long after the re-start.
nah bei, another near miss...
then for some cock reason, holland got a guy sent off to make it ten vs ten.
more cursing n swearing followed.
as the match progressed, i was still awaiting van nisterooy to be subbed on in place of the lousy kuyt.
but i think the pre-match rumours of a rift between the van basten nvan nisterooy are true.
which lead the coach to bench van nisterooy.
n his refusal to sub him on despite the numerous chances that kuyt has squandered.
the match got more hot blooded, n yellow cards were flying are over n it was not long that more red cards ensured. n both sides emerged out of the game with nine men on the pitch.

n England(Portuagal's opponent in q-final) muz be laughing all the way now. cause Deco n Costinha are both suspended for the england game.
n i'm still a anti-england fan.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

world cup part 3

this world cup series will continue as long as the world cup is still on going.

Candidate for most impt goal(so far):
Maxi Rodriguez
he chested the ball juz inside the penelty box, and shot the ball on a half volley with a fine swerve into the top right hand corner of the Mexico goal post.
in extra time somemore.

it's really a nice goal to watch. u guys should juz watch the replay.

Germany vs Argentina in the q-finals would be a much better prospect than a Germany- Mexico one. so u can imagine the disbelief in my eyes when i saw Mexico take the lead against Argentina. but Argentina fought back n got one back juz a few mins later. the match remained at 1-1 until the extra time wonder goal.

side note:
my fren betted on 3 goals for this match. he saw the 2 quick goals n was worried that the match would turn out into a goal fest. but luckily the match remained at 2 goals for quite a long time. so he was still optimistic abt a goal being scored late into the 2nd half so that he would win $. then it juz so happens that the match remained at 1-1. so he was cursing n swearing. n to add insult to injury, Argentina scored in the 8th min of extra time. n that led my fren to spurt out even more vulgurities.

kaoz, wat a lousy sales pitch

was at compass pt looking at furniture with parents,

XXX brand cosmetics was having some road show, promoting some facial mask or dunno wat. they had stuff blaring on the loudspeaker so that everyone could hear it.

this one was most noticably:

"i love my XXX cosmetic more than my boyfren,
because i can have more boyfrens with my XXX cosmetic"

the lady who said this sounds like some money hungry bimbo...

Saturday, June 24, 2006

world cup part 2

i predict there's gonna be a lot of posts on the world cup.Simply put, it's a once in 4 yr thingy n the world world is watching n talking abt it.

n it seems that more n more ppl are getting into putting small bets on matches, u can see loads of ppl queueing up juz to place small bets on soccer. n it seems that more n more gals are getting into it. i often see a couple of clueless gals happily betting on the team with the highest odds. or some blur middle aged uncle trying hard to understand how to bet from the person at the betting counter. or some auntie who juz anyhow buys lor.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

world cup

the 1st round of the world is almost been played,
so far 31 mathes(one more @ 3am) already.

lost count of the no of mathes watched. dun recall missing a lot of matches.
1st time being able to fully enjoy the world cup. watch matches. bet soccer.

the last world cup was not that fun, cause was busy serving the nation. n being down for ndp makes it worst. been in the army while the world cup is a terrible experience. (trust me!) while most normal ppl can watch matches in the comfort of their home while ppl stuck in an army camp can only rely on sms updates.

team which i hate the most:

biggest reason is that they made me lose $$
betted on a win for them.
they got a goal in the 1st half n i was thinking. oh yeah!
then they conceded 2 goals n had to rely on a last min equaliser to level the score.
n their opponents?
Saudi Arabia

nah bei....
this was last wk.

Friday, June 16, 2006

to all England supporters out there

i think England can forget abt winning the world cup, they can happily wait for another 4 yrs.
look at the way they are playing.

crouch attempts over head kick.
lampard blasts to the sky.
gerrard also.
owen heads wide.
and the list goes on n on.

Trinidad & Tobago had a decent effort cleared off the goal-line, juz b4 half time.
n they even attack at times.

Rooney is subbed in 2nd half but
dun think he's match fit at all.

Trinidad keeper did not even have to make a save.
the match commentator even said that Lampard could shoot til midnite n he still wont score.

update: england are 1 up, thanks to a crouch header
lucky bastards...

more update: eng 2 up, gerrard shoots from outside box

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

these pix were taken a few wks back where my house was still under renovation, i had no choice but to use the common corridor as a place to rest. u could see the dark clouds forming on the right hand side. the next pix is more interesting, i could see one side raining, while the other side is just cloudy.

Monday, June 12, 2006

to those who are no longer with us, i hope they're in a better place by now

many ppl might expect my next post to be on the world cup, but surprisingly it's actually on someone who has left for a better place.

there are many degrees of frens, there are some whom u see wk in wk out, n sometimes can even be so familiar until u know their parents, siblings n other members of their family
n there are those whom u know from many years back, but never keep in contact any longer
n there will be those who helped u in some way or another, n never expect anything in return
n there will also be those whom u juz say hi, followed by a goodbye.

when someone told me that Lena passed away, i didnt know how to react. i dun even know how what kinda of fren to classify her as. she's actually my block head for Sheares Blk A the yr b4. the thing is i didnt stay right from the start of the academic year but instead joined them from the 2nd sem. so i missed out on the orientation n stuff n didnt get to know many ppl in SH. i remember her cause she was the block head, n if there are ppl that i muz know, it's those comm members of the block. she occupied the room directly under me. i do remember that there ws a time when my clothes dropped onto her window n i had to ask her to get them for me.

n when i saw her pic on the chinese newspapers, i felt very strange. cause it seems weird to see a pic of a fren who has passed away on the front page of a newspaper.

i hope she's in a better place by now.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

allergic to dust

medically proven, with some prick test done several years back at some specialist clinic at cgh.
wats a prick test?
they basically extract some common allergens such as pollen, grass, animal fur, condense into liquid form, apply a small patch each to your arm, n wait to see which allergen reacts n cause rashes with the skin.

attempted to clear some stuff at home, but ended up sneezing away instead. due to allergy. damn.
house is now 90% renovated. left some minor touching up here n there.
i'm still awaiting the guys from the renovation side to fix up my new tv, cant wait to use it.