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Friday, June 16, 2006

to all England supporters out there

i think England can forget abt winning the world cup, they can happily wait for another 4 yrs.
look at the way they are playing.

crouch attempts over head kick.
lampard blasts to the sky.
gerrard also.
owen heads wide.
and the list goes on n on.

Trinidad & Tobago had a decent effort cleared off the goal-line, juz b4 half time.
n they even attack at times.

Rooney is subbed in 2nd half but
dun think he's match fit at all.

Trinidad keeper did not even have to make a save.
the match commentator even said that Lampard could shoot til midnite n he still wont score.

update: england are 1 up, thanks to a crouch header
lucky bastards...

more update: eng 2 up, gerrard shoots from outside box


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