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Saturday, May 27, 2006

seems forever

but finally my house is almost complete, there's electricity, hot water, internet...
(ppl seem to take these things for granted, but when u have a house undergoing renovation, u'll understand how difficult it is to get those connections up)

at first it was like some kampong house for a couple of plugs lying around on the floor with those light bulbs that u're supposed to hang on the walls but have no choice put to connect them on the floor.

must even ask gabriel(thx again!) to help me check my results yesterday, no big surprises, improved my cap by 0.05 which is almost insignificant.
but glad to return to the normal life of 5 modules instead of a crazy year with 6 mods in each sem. resigned to the fate of 3 yrs in NUS, n byebye.
dun think any more effort is gonna drastically move my cap anywhere.

the furniture's done, it had to be fixed over a course of 2 days. the house looks better now, left some minor touching up to do here n there. electricity plugs here n there, couple of holes in the wall. paint this patch paint that corner.


  • eh.. no need so much thanks lar.. only just helped to check your results that's all?

    By Blogger did_i_lose_you?, at 4:11 PM  

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