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Monday, May 01, 2006

2 more exams

there are times when your grade depends on what u can actually squeeze into your help sheet
thats what i feel.

wrote a total of 6 helpsheets this sem
2 for mid -terms n 4 for exams
n there comes a time when u get so sick of trying to squeeze EVERYTHING into a small column
initially thought it was cool to have as many help-sheets as possible for an exam
but there will also come a time when u find out that's actually nothing left to write
especially if u have like 8 A4 sized papers of help sheets to complete
(no, i still dun have that many but i heard it from some other ppl taking other modules)
but i must endure,
only two more exams
this is what i keep reminding myself

the fire alarm/dunno what alarm going off now is not helping my cause.
the "nice" weather means that i have to eat at the "nice" pgp canteen later.
stormy weather= cool weather but not nice to travel in.


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