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Sunday, April 09, 2006

tv junkie at wrong time

if anyone really needs to know, ive spent the last 3 nights watching tv,
be it tvb drama on tv or some mindless channel surfing.

from thurs:
45 mins of CSI(which i actually dl n watched b4)
45 mins of tvb drama
30 mins of soccer highlights

from fri:
1.5 hrs of soccer programs, aka preview shows, highlights from the matches the day b4
0.5 hr of national security(some movie)
45 mins of tvb drama
20 mins of naruto

from sat:
50mins of bleach
1 hr of channel surfing, mindless channel surfing, watching wat-ever's nice, be it dumb variety shows from taiwan or golf highlights, or the nba match up between lakers n suns,
steve nash is good, very good, ok, make that exceptional, his passing was pin pt, lakers look like a 1 man show, kobe scores high averages but he also shoots a lot n misses quite a no,
make that 2.5 hrs instead.
2 hrs of soccer "live"
just now earlier- 1.5hrs of drama

sigh sigh....
imagine if i had spend that time on revising my work instead, brought back a file to work on it, but the most i ever did was to work on a page.

i've been like this ever since i got back my analysis test result, i did better than expected, i was like worried this would end up like the probability nightmare i got 2 sems ago, which would affect my 3yr n so on. the marking was super lenient, there was no way i could have been in the 20-30 range without the lenient marking, this was a killer mod, and the only mod which i worry day n night over abt, to make things worse, i didnt understand anything, but luckily the mod's so hard, most ppl dun understand that much too. i didnt exactly pass my test but i'm juz glad that there were around 54% of the class who got the same grade as me.
update: there were 20% of the class who got below my range, n 30% of the class above so that makes me the middle 50% not the top 50%

i ended up relaxing n watching tv after i got back my test result on thurs,
n i've been a tv junkie ever since, sigh...


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