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Monday, March 27, 2006

i doubt anyone who reads this will believe me...

i dun believe it myself too...

i sprained my neck while climbing stairs.
at arts fac no less, haiz...

alighted from A2 internal shuttle bus at Biz fac,
walked from the bus-stop, pass the law library to the side of arts fac,
climbed a short flight of stairs beside LT15
when i reached the top of the stairs, felt a little pain on the side of my neck.
kaoz, n thats how i sprained my neck.

the pain was still ok. but worsened after i got back to pgp
then i decided to skip my other lectures
n go home to see a chinese sinseh,
the chinese sinseh was like pushing my neck to the right,
same goes for the left also,
then he left me on some nerve machine, which transmitted electric impulses to the nerves.
then to top it off, he pasted some medicinal patch on it.

sidenote:my fren commented that i sprained my neck while looking at gals at arts fac no less, haha....


  • Ya I also think you were staring, not looking, at girls. You arhh... too confined in PGP liao right? Too sick of the girls there lah? Hahaha...

    By Blogger -=The Mixed Boy=-, at 11:16 AM  

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