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Sunday, March 26, 2006

temporary liverpool fan

was never a big fan of liverpool, esp of the way they play n how they became euro champ, still cant n dun believe that they're euro champs, even now...

lost $50 on liv last wk end, got it back yesterday.
bet $10 each on liverpool to win
2-1 (odds:$6.80)
3-0 (odds:$9)
3-1 (odds:$7.80)

turned the tv on on the second half to find out that the score is 2-1 n gerrard got sent off in 1st half,
tore the 3-0 ticket
saw eveton reduced to 10 men also,
was thinking:"yes!..."
saw kewell score 3rd liv goal...
was going:"oh yes!!!"
n tore the 2-1 ticket.
saw alonso shooting on goal in the 91st min.
was going:"omg, u bloody idiot, why are u still trying to score...!!! stupid alonso...!!"
saw shot blocked by goalkeeper.
was thinking:"whew..."

juz betting for fun, u know $5 here, $10 there, casual bets...


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