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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


l officially wasted 3 hours slacking. travelling to arts to pick up my calculator, eat at arts(anti-sci food) reading newspapers in the central library n now typing this on johann's laptop.

yao hui juz asked me if i was interested in going Europe after the exams,
cost: ard $4000
it'll be a 20-day trip to London, Amsterdam, Rome, Munich n dunno where else.
the biggest concern is $.
my parents may loan me the money, but i think they will have to spend too much $ as the are gonna spend ard $20 000 for the renovation on the house.
i predict i'll spend more than $4000 if i actually go cause i'm a big eater...

then i saw a promo by NUH for lasik surgery, $2700 for the whole package.
if i have to choose,
i'll rather pick the surgery over the vacation as the surgery would be more benificial in the long run. i've been wearing glasses since primary sch, and not a big fan of glasses. did try contacts for a yr but they are that helpful in reading the lecture slides esp if u always sit in the back. not to mention the troublesome thing about contacts is the dryness after u wear it for long hours, and u have to put them on and such.


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