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Friday, March 10, 2006

Dear Pgp, there is no way, i'm gonna take part in this fire drill, and it just so happens that i went home on wed n bowled for my league. haha, take that pgp.

i've said this b4, n i'm gonna say this again. pgp is juz a place to stay. there's really no "life" underneath it's condo-like exterior. i've complained about the food, complained abt the "no life" n now i'm gonna complain about it's residents, its dumb system.( n wat ever else i can think of)
there's a fridge located on every floor or cluster for that matter. n there happens to be ppl who simply use the fridge to store god-knows-watever. i've seen the same stuff inside for at least a month, n nobody makes an effort to clear their unwanted stuff.
i'm not a big user of the fridge, but i simply use it to chill small items like packet drinks.
n it juz so happens that i got one of my milo packets "stolen".
the person who stole my stuff muz be someone on the same floor or cluster, as there is no way to enter another cluster. n the fact that the person would steal something belonging to his neighbour speaks volumes about the character of the person. it's not the value of the stuff stolen but the way u simply take something that does not belong to u. i kinda juz let the matter go to rest, as there's no need to raise a fuss over something so worthless or cheap for that matter.

n i'm rather unhappy over the way the uni admin attempts to paint a rosy picture of nus, by featuring their spanking new Admin building n PGP inside the banners to advertise NUS open house. No student goes to the admin building, maybe except the Spinelli there. n y muz they feature PGP inside their banner? most local students dun actually stay there, they stay in hall. plus it's the foreign students who are the ones really staying at PGP.
i dun see anyone claiming this:
"PGP is fun, I stay at PGP, i'm so happy to stay at PGP, the food at PGP is fantastic"


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