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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...

My fren was trying to auction off a new Nokia 7260 phone on yahoo auctions, he was asking for SGD$530. but there was this person nicknamed(Dare Alaba) who initially offered to pay Euro$1100 for it, but lowered it to SGD$1100 after "careful re-consideration"

This person claimed that he was from UK and doing some biz and needed to ship some phones to Africa, the high price was including shipping fees, so the condition was that my fren had to ship the phone to Africa and this person would pay through some online payment system(Escrow in particular) This person asked my fren to create an account and promised to pay after receiving the shipping receipt.

my fren googled and found that this was actually a scam, aka the person would pretend to pay, but the Escrow site would be a mirror and a fake, so there would be no transfer at all, or after receiving the shipping receipt, the person would not pay.

i even saw my fren chatting with this scammer. the person was like pressing my fren for the shipping receipt. n promised to pay after getting the shipping receipt, n when my fren asked to be paid in advance, the person said that he already transferred the $ over.


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