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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

v-dae already?

v-dae = hide in room n dun come out til feb 15.

yah, this is a pessimistic view but wat to do? dun have any particular gal in mind to jio.
oh well...

hey, it not as if i'm not looking for one, i'm still looking, haha...

luckily no relatives asked me that any qn on got gf or not during cny, else i also reply them til i sianz.

dun u ever get the feeling that there are gals around u, which are okay as frens but there is no way to bring it to a higher level. aka different tastes, likes n dis-likes n so on...
there are many different combinations eg:

you may be interested in some gal, but the gal totally dun like u

or u may be interested in the gal but her views on a lot of things differs from yours

or u might try to jio some gal, but due to a twist of fate, the gal falls for someone else

or u may like a gal, but somehow or another, the two of you are simply not fated to be together.

and many other more combinations...


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