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Monday, February 13, 2006

wat's next after the toto season?

hey, this brings to a close the frenzy of toto buying that happened last week, ie, buying at least $100 worth of toto tickets. the funny thing is that the most pooled amount didnt win anything, but a small bet with another 2 frens, der n obh which won something.

i can now memorise the winning nos:
11 15 23 24 30 42, add no:9

we won the group 4 prize with the winning combi of 9 11 15 23 30 40
and the prize was shared by 7172 ppl n we got $406
but divided by 3
so each person gets $135.

which is pretty decent considering that i spent around $50 myself in total on toto.

disclaimer: i ONLY buy toto once a yr, during the grand $10 million draw.

thoery: if each toto draw is independent, why not pool my resources on the draw with the biggest prize. technically, the prizes end up rather similiar as more ppl buy =more ppl win = prize money divided into more shares.


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