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Thursday, February 16, 2006

kaoz, wat a over-zealous bf...

there was some sci club event over on mon n tues, they set up a stall selling roses, flowers cheesecakes n such.

my fren, yuhan was helping out at the stall cause he's a sci club management com member, he was helping out at the stall, since it was the last day, n he was trying to help them clear stick, aka sell away the remaining cheesecakes. saw a female fren asked her to buy some, but got punched by jealous bf.

quote from his blog:

I have no idea what warranted it.
Vday incident: Saw a friend. talked to her. asked her to buy a cheesecake from my stall. time passed. a guy walked up. wrapped his arms around my shoulder. told me my friend wanted to talk to me. walked towards my friend. she turned and walked away. confused. the guy said she really wants to talk to me. caught up with my friend. she told me to ignore guy. turned around. guy shouted:"i'm her bf. you wanna snatch my gf right?!". *violence censored*. laid on the ground thinking: "did tt just happened?" a few people came and stopped the guy. a friend i knew saw what happened. walked with her to the kerb. sat down. calmed myself. walked away.


  • the guy is one nutjob.... report him to NUS Provost....

    By Blogger D, at 2:48 PM  

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