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Monday, February 27, 2006

The Practical Perfectionist

You can be self-disciplined person who values order and stability, you like each day planned before you get out of bed. You might sometimes plan what you will wear the night before, right down to your colour-coordinated underwear. Chance is a factor you try to stay one step ahead off. You probably excel at chess and other games of strategic thinking. Before embarking on new experiences, you always do your homework first. When you travel, for example, you may well know more about your destination than the locals do - before you even reach it. In your view, the role of technology is to make life easier or help perform a task faster. You generally refrain from buying brand new models or new products and instead, wait patiently for teething problems to emerge and be solved before deciding to buy - or pass it by. Not surprisingly, being 'first' is of little or no importance to you. You dance to your own music - and couldn't care less whether or not it's in the Top 10.

i got this personality result after doing some online survey at starhub, it's a smart tv trial n got chance to try out their new smart tv service, check it out here.

i didnt know survey got personality test result also. some parts are quite true while i cant say the same for the chess part, i cant play chess, or generally suck at it, i do know the rough rules like which piece can move where but then i'm juz plain lousy at it, even chinese chess.
i do like the practical perfectionist part though. haha...


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