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Thursday, February 16, 2006

kenna caught by paparazzi

i signed up for some make-over package by some agency, it included, make-up, hair-styling n 4 photos, it costs $110 outside but i signed up for the early bird special n paid $25 onli.

n so i went down to their booth this morning, to do my make-over.
at first it was make up
then hair styling...

but as i was having my hair styled, i got caught by the paparazzi....
it was shawn n lorianne, shawn juz finished his test n was walking at central forum when he noticed me.
at first, i didnt know it was him when he was busy snapping pictures away(cause my short-sightedness quite bad) like some paparazzi.

then he came up to me after my hair was done n told me he had it all on his camera n was gonna post it on the bowling forum.


i dun have the final pix yet. must wait for them to contact me n i'll go to their studio to collect.


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