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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

aftermath of makeover...

ok, i've uploaded a sample pix of my makeover on my profile. aka look the rite of my blog.

after kenna caught by nus bowling paparazzi,
the resultant pix ended up on the bowling forum, with an entire topic dedicated to my makeover. kaoz...
got ppl EAGERLY anticipating my photo some more,

it's been a while, since i had time to properly sit down n blog,
i seem to end up more busy during the break than normal sch days.
aka sat play mj, sun meet frens, mon attend 2 project meeting + meet fren, tues training + mj +tuition.

back to teaching tuition again, tuition's a gd paying job as compared to DFS(slave labour)
used to teach this kid last year in primary 6, he didnt do well for some common test thingy, mother got scared, asked me to tutor. ended up teacking a couple of months til end of PSLE,
managed to pull his grade up to an A for PSLE. (i cant believe it either, i didnt know i was such a good tutor, haha...)

was orginally charging $80 for 4 lessons, 1.5 hrs each time, one subject only- Science

got a call from my student yesterday, asked me to come back to tutor him today. agreed n went to his place to tutor him earlier.

totally forgot wat sec 1 science is all about. i looked at the vernier calipier thingy in disgust, it was donkey years when i last saw something like that. even the bunsen burner looks ugly. everything looks disgusting in short. heck, i cant even remember how to use the periodic table nowadays.

talked to the mother of my student after the lesson, the moment i told her that i was gonna charge $100 for 4 lessons this time round, her face changed immediatly.

whoah... is there a need to be this practical?

she asked me to charge the same as last yr, but i "tried" to explain to her that there's a difference in the things i teach, n the gap from primary sch to secondary level is higher, hence the need for the fee hike.
she fall short of "firing" me, said she reconsider n see how, but re-assured me that she still pay me $100 after the next 3 lessons.

in my own humble opinion,
$100 for sec 1 Science is not that ex, considering that i travel to my student's home(technically it's a 7 min walk) n
considering how i responded to her child's cry for tution aka my student asked n i agreed on such short notice n
was supposed to onli teach for 1.5 hrs, but ended up close to 2hrs, cause there were stuff he wanted me to explain to him.(n i didnt say a word about this to his mom)

wat i REALLY wanted to say to her:
"hey look lady, your kid called me last night, asking me for tuition n i agreed readily, he told me that he had a test tomolo, thats why i came down to teach today,
i could have left earlier at 9.30pm sharp, but since your kid asked me to explain some concepts to him, so i took the liberty of staying for another extra 20mins at least to explain those concepts to him. n i didnt complain.
there's really a difference between sec 1 n primary sch, dun believe u can take his textbook n read yourself lor.
-taking out assessment book now-
and somemore , u better pay me for this book hor, i buy for your son one, it cost me $8 leh"

wat REALLY happened:
"eh auntie, can lah, 4 lessons $100, secondary sch higher level mah, i cant possibly be charging $80 if he goes all the way to sec 4 mah"
"wah like that u keep increasing how can"
"aiyah, can lah"
-assessment book remains in bag-
"eh, your other fren never increase price leh"
"sec sch is harder to teach mah"
"let me think abt it, i'll still pay u for the 1st four sessions"


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