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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Full recess week...(finally..)

For all those nus students, we can finally enjoy a full 5-day break starting from AY06/07. we all those non-nus students, NUS has a super dumb mid-term break system which starts on a sat and ends on a thurs, the fri is then a school day, this causes confusion on the odd even week system for the remainder of the semester, as the new week starts from fri, dumb rite?

lecturers n students have been complaining abt this even since, and the response from the admin side has always been very troublesome. aka look at this:

The University Administration had indicated willingness to make a change but however, explained that it was not a straightforward process of simply increasing the number of days of recess. This is because the decision will also affect the workflow for the rest of the year. For example, increasing the number of days for the recess would overlap into the Special Term, the MINDEF black out period for National Service, the examinations period, the marking period, the commencement period, and so forth. Thus, restoring the full recess week required much planning.
(taken from e-mail that the student union president sent)

wow, i didnt know that one day would make so much of a difference.
the next one is taken from the uni admin:

Week Current Calendar Proposed Calendar
1 – 6 Begins on Monday Begins on Monday
Recess Begins on Saturday; Begins on Saturday;

ends on Thursday (i.e. 6 days) ends on following Sunday (i.e. 9 days)

look carefully: they counted saturday and sunday in also, but technically theres no lessons on sat n sun. the 3 extra days are actually inclusive of sat n sun. this makes the admin look nicer rite?

IRONICALLY, this change in the admin came about after all the woo-ha about the fee hike increase. it seems as if this is a ploy by the admin to soften us, aka they raise fees but give extra 3 days(including sat n sun!) of holidays.


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