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Monday, March 06, 2006

ppl who talk loudly

there is this specific group of ppl, who have the amazing ability to strike a conversation and dive into the topic almost suddenly/immediately and be oblivious to the ppl around he/she who can hear their conversation word for word.

the endless stuff u hear on board the nus shuttle buses...

i heard some guy describing some dream he had about last nite regarding some ghost kid at some playground, it's not that i intentionally meant to eavesdrop on his conversation but it juz so happens that he's standing beside of my seat n describing his dream in great detail.( n loudly, no less)

i'm glad i dun have such weird dreams, i do have more practical ones. ie like striking lottery, had some dream on sat nite about this set of numbers appearing in the 4D draw on sunday. i then went to buy the same set of nos on sunday. but it juz so happens that the no didnt appear, but as a sidenote, my father did strike 4D, strange huh?
but not with the same set of nos i dreamed off lah.

i guess the dream could be a practical representation of my Real life where i eagerly anticipate a windfall of some sort. hey, who's not interested in striking lottery?
and yes, i do have a Singapore Big sweep ticket in my wallet now, haha...

but thats all, i dun buy 4D for every draw n toto for that matter, i also hardly buy big sweep tickets.


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