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Monday, March 13, 2006

lack of sleep+ kenna "scolded"

i'm barely awake now, half asleep, think at most 3 hours of sleep last night, spent most my time yesterday writing an Essay that is like due in 40 mins time from now.

I was roughly almost complete with by essay by midnight this morning, but had to spend another 2 hours on how to conclude.

was hoping for a peaceful day, not really was "scolded" but it was like more of having someone raising his or her voice at you.

was trying to get the machine at central lib to read my cashcard, encountered some probs as the machine refused to accept my cashcard. was wondering if it was some value problem. saw a gal topping up her cashcard, asked her VERY politely to help me top up my cashcard while i offered to pay her back in cash.
she didnt hear me the first time, and i asked her again in a polite manner.
Then she took off her earphones and asked me wat i wan(in english), in a raised tone. i would like to think that the raised tone of her voice is due to her earphones. but the fact that's it only 9 something in the morning, me being half-awake-half asleep, this sorta turn into a rude awakening.
she "claimed" she didnt understand what i was say the second time.
so i asked her a third time,
and again she claimed that she didnt understand wat i was trying to say and walked away.

i'm a little hesitant to use the bitch word on her so early in the morning. but i cant possibly be all that bad in english til somebody else can tell me that he or she dun understand i single word i say. i could be murmuring to myself early in the morning, since i have nothing better to do.


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