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Monday, March 20, 2006

no more tests....?

juz finished my complex analysis not too long ago, that was my last mid-term test. the qns were mostly similiar to past sem's one, so thats a good thing. juz cant remember how to do a certain qn that appeared in the tutorials.

now i'm left with 2 more essays...
1 super lenghty 2500 history essay and another genes n society one.
the genes one should be easy...

chelsea lost, yes! haha... sorry Damon..., i'm not a Chelski fan.
didnt bowl well last sat anyway, think may need to re-train myself, maybe more intensive personal bowling training? or maybe some new equipment? bu it still comes down to the $.
show me the money...

side note, i wanted to bet $10 on chelsea to win 2-0
but due to my mistake, i betted on fulham to win 2-0 instead.
i usually dun re-check my betting slips after i leave the counter, and juz put them into my wallet but then i was looking through the betting slips, and saw unsually high odds for a certain match. it was fulham to win 2-0, the odds where as high as 1:50, i bet $10, so the payout was $500.
so i juz asked the auntie to cancel the ticket and re-bet on chelsea instead.
and so when i was checking livescore and espn's gamecast, and saw fulham go 1-0 up, i went semi-ballistic. omg... yikes, i would have earned quite a bit if they(fulham) really won 2-0, so every now and then i was clicking the refresh button. hoping to see that the score remained 1-0, else i would kick myself for being so extra...


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