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Sunday, March 26, 2006

u are not destined to strike it rich when...

ok i didnt exactly missed the 1st prize or wat-ever, but juz missed out on a starter prize or $250, i bet $2 on the 4D no 1534 and the no that won was 4513

which means i got the 4 digits but they juz were in the wrong position, but after hearing wat really happened, you might juz start to wonder if i'm really not destined to be strike it rich.

stopped by at Geylang to takeaway hokkien mee to bring back to pgp,
mom n dad went to queue to buy 4D
went to order n wait for hokkien mee
came back juz in time to see mom at counter buying 4D
told her to help me buy 1534 $2 big
she was telling the uncle at the counter to key in the no, when the uncle was trying to confrim the no.
mom was telling the uncle big(da4 in chinese) and it sounds like permutate (or da1 in chinese)
the uncle was like asking big or permutate to my mom, n i was like beside her.

so technically IF my mom or i told the uncle to permutate, i would have been $250 richer[actually it would be $226, cause $250-$24(24 permutations)]

$$$ thats not meant to be yours is really not meant to be....


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