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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

exams are coming...

n i dun feel a thing(yet)

watched this damn interesting show over the wk end.
some taiwanese variety show with jacky wu as the host.
they featured 3 show girls(girls who always feature at expos n such?)
n 3 of their local baseball team players.
plus one middle-aged guy.(to add on the entertainment value, i think)

They got the girls to comment on they guys first, whie the guys had earmuffs on
n the gals were like:

"the 1st guy is too tall, very difficult to imagine being together with him, very stressful"
"the second guy looks like a small di di, n he's got the potential to be a pervert"
"the third guy looks like the thing from the fantastic four"
"the last guy is an uncle"

i think this is partly true, with the ways gals comment true(i cant be sure as not gal myself.)

The same goes for the guys, gals had earmuffs on, n the gals turn's to be commented:

"the 1st gal has no figure(ie, too small breasts) , should should not wear such a low cut attire"
"the second gal has hair like a cockroach"
"the last gal hair is very ugly"

i must say the way guys look at gals is very standard.
face, figure, hair...


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