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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

things that you only see when exams are coming...


a guy n guy sitting on the road side kerb of a carpark exit.(near science bus-stop)
sigh, people should have more common sense than to sit on a road kerb with cars moving in and out. ok, it may be late and there may not be much vehicles but why create trouble for yourself n the car drivers. haiz...

guy lying flat on stomach down on a study desk inside a pgp study room.
god knows wat this guy was doing, spotted this on the way back. the study rooms at pgp have a small window at the door that allows people outside to see if the room is occupied. n while walking towards the lift, i saw a guy lying on the table. and on one side is his fren studying.
wat are they doing? or wat is he trying to do?

2 gals n a guy sitting at a staircase n peeping at the graduate stdent block.
was on my way to collect my laundry when i saw them sitting on a staircase, looking up at the grad student block, this is all i heard" look, .... he's... underwear..."
i leave it to you to fill in the blanks.


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