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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

11 more days to exams(10 days n 20 mins actually..)

ok, official counter to exams up.

u never knew the exams are so close to you til u actually start to count down and look at the calender.

still in the midst of arranging my notes, yikes...

lousy rules, lousy admin assistant at Sheares,

went down to SH to get a room for holiday stay as renovation works going to happen at home for the month of may.
asked the lady at the counter if i could apply for holiday accomodation
told me some rubbish reason abt only allowing current residents to stay n they hosting a lot of confenrence groups and dunno what,
explained to her that i stayed there before,
she insisted on her stand.
didnt want to speak with her anymore.
asked a fren to help me apply instead.
n it was done in a matter of minutes.

hmph, u cant keep me away.
i'll get wat i wan, by hook or by crook...

i still feel the new Miss S'pore is damn ugly, haiz, dunno how they choose one, the runner up is prettier than the champion. lousy judges, the results must be rigged.


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