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Thursday, April 27, 2006

ppl whom u dun wanna meet during exams

  1. the super-confident student

will most probably be the one who bugs the lecturer the most. can be seen always during lecture breaks or after lecture pestering the lecturer. just when u just finish half or a quarter of the paper, u look at the clock, it's just after an hour, then the guy besides you raises his hand, the lecturer walks over to the guy's table, and collects his exam paper. the guy then walks out of the examination hall with a smile on his face.

2. the no-personal hygiene student

could be the one who camps in the reading room 24/7, armed with his toothbrush in a cup together with his stationary. u start to wonder how many days this guy has been living inside the study room. he only goes out of the study area for exams, but when he walks past u, u feel an negative aura before the stench hits u. u realise that the guy stinks cause he has been wearing the same attire for dunno how many days. just when u thought things could not be worse, he happens to take the seat beside u in the examination hall.


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