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Thursday, April 20, 2006

missing post

i dunno where my last entry went, i clicked on the publish post thingy, but i still dun see it, nvm.

some ppl ask y wont i stay in pgp during the hols,
the onli answer that i can give is y dun U come u stay for yourself n experience the pgp way of life before u start to comment?

some things to note:
ppl hu have no civic mindedness, aka ppl who leave their dirty dishes, pots, cups n dunno wat else beside the wash basin for at least 2 days(n counting..)

imagine waking up one morning to find a pile of uncovered rubbish at the rubbish bin.

there are more, i juz cant think of it at the moment.

i'm gonna vote, haha, 1st time voter here, may 6th.
date is EXACTLY 5 days after govt gives out their "progress package"
hidden meaning?? haha...
n the date is exactly after the nus exams, hmm, which means we'll miss out on the campagning n such, hmm..., are there more HIDDEN meaning??
i'm not saying that i'm a big fan of the govt or any particular opposition party but would feel it's fairer to give people(nus students in this case) to attend the election rallies to hear what the opposition n the pap have to say.


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