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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


it should be a good thing, with the way i'm getting myself hydrated.
i've got a green water bottle 750 ml,
n i'm juz gulping water like nobody's biz
i've lost count of the no of times i've re-filled my bottle already.
n the no of times i've been to the toilet.

the good: supposed to help me hydrate myself n keep the flu bug in check
the bad: feel so bloated at times, esp with the amt of water i drink.

another note:
slacker cleaners- there is this new cleaner who slacks off when he's cleaning our toilet, i last saw him cleaning the toilet at 11am, then at 12 he went to take a nap in our pantry(no less), then now he's back cleaning.
upside: he cleans the toilet cleaner than the old cleaner
downside: go find another place to slack! not on my level pls!


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