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Monday, April 24, 2006

2 down 3 more to go

i juz hope that a lot of ppl cant answer the qns, juz like me for today.
it's really terrible to be sick n having exams at the same time, u can be in the midst of like writing some impt formula or process of some crucial working then..

cough, cough, ah-choo ah-choo...

eh, wat was i supposed to write juz now ah?

no, i'm not getting better, i'm still coughing n worse than ever some more...
so went yih to see doc again,
n now i have a whole pile of medicine to take:

1 tablet vitamin C
1 capsule antiboitic
1 bromhexine tablet- supposed to get rid of pleghm
1 chlorpheniramine tablet- flu tablets
2 paracetemol tablets-headache
1 damn powderful green coloured lozenge
n 10 ml of cough syrup

so i'm like one tablet after another...

someone mistook me for an exam invigilator
happened on sat
needed to go to toilet during exam as drank too much water
came back
was walking down a particular row back to my seat
when some guy raised his hand, looked at me n prompted me to give him paper
i had to wave him away:
with a look that says
" no, i'm not an exam invigilator lah..."


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