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Monday, June 12, 2006

to those who are no longer with us, i hope they're in a better place by now

many ppl might expect my next post to be on the world cup, but surprisingly it's actually on someone who has left for a better place.

there are many degrees of frens, there are some whom u see wk in wk out, n sometimes can even be so familiar until u know their parents, siblings n other members of their family
n there are those whom u know from many years back, but never keep in contact any longer
n there will be those who helped u in some way or another, n never expect anything in return
n there will also be those whom u juz say hi, followed by a goodbye.

when someone told me that Lena passed away, i didnt know how to react. i dun even know how what kinda of fren to classify her as. she's actually my block head for Sheares Blk A the yr b4. the thing is i didnt stay right from the start of the academic year but instead joined them from the 2nd sem. so i missed out on the orientation n stuff n didnt get to know many ppl in SH. i remember her cause she was the block head, n if there are ppl that i muz know, it's those comm members of the block. she occupied the room directly under me. i do remember that there ws a time when my clothes dropped onto her window n i had to ask her to get them for me.

n when i saw her pic on the chinese newspapers, i felt very strange. cause it seems weird to see a pic of a fren who has passed away on the front page of a newspaper.

i hope she's in a better place by now.


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