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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

BLUES made from naturally blue potatoes.

blue potato chips? who in the right state of mind will eat them? it looks down right wierd lor, the picture doesn't look all that appetizing and it's not cheap also, this packet costs like $6. i wonder if anyone out there really likes this stuff. spotted this at some organic grocery shop.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

last movie watched in a cinema, the Longest yard. rather funny movie, great for reliving stress, it's very sports-themed(American football) movie so it might cater more to the sport-loving people out there.

chicken spagetti from the cafe at med fac, pix taken during 1st visit, not during the bad attitude problem waiter...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

an average day turns to below average juz like that

average day= decent day, no major events, aka shockers like the stupid medical bills from YIH doctors, no tests, no homework or tutorials to rush.

below average day= spoiled by some rude guy serving food.(today)

day kicks off with long journey to NUS to do maths project with yao hui. after a long n tiring search on the internet and around the library for infomation. we felt hungry and decided to grab a bite. i suggested the cafe at med fac, cause the other time i go, the "ahem... " scenery was really not bad ah...( u know wat i mean lah...) , had to do a lot of head streching exercise.

i ordered some set lunch thingy the other time that included a main course(chicken spagetti) ,desert(several cakes), and a coffee. all that costs $5. thats not very expensive, considering how much these stuff cost outside NUS.

so this time, i also wanted to order the set also. but then there was this particularly rude guy who served us this time round. he didnt know wat was the set lunch was and had to come out of the counter to look at the blackboard. then when i asked him how much the spagetti would cost without the set, he say he didnt know.

okay, nvm....

then he started to prepare the spagetti, and after he placed the spagetti on the plate, he spilled some spagetti on the salad bar, and juz when u thought he was gonna pick up the spagetti and serve it to us again. but luckily he dumped the spilled spagetti away and served us a new serving. ( i dun think he dares to serve us spilled esp when we were watching him)

then afterwards he started to add some tomatoes to our plates, but when he used the tongs to pick up a the tomato, he sorta like threw the tongs into the salad container with the tomatoes. wah liew....

thats not all, the fish that me n yao hui ordered was not properly cooked and tasted like some rock. so we went to change it to some chicken instead.


was planning to order a cake and slowly sit down there n chill out, but could not wait to leave the place after finishing the food. haiz, spoil my day onli..

Saturday, September 17, 2005

" Here's my number. If a man answers, hang up." from leo cullum

"it's not enough that we succeed. Cats must also fail" from Leo Cullum

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

the only time i'm early for lecture is when there's no lecture

got 3 lectures back to back today from 8-10, 10-12, 12-2pm, the last one is at arts so i have to take some time to travel to arts. since i'm like always late for this lecture, and i'm usually late cause i take my own sweet time to eat lunch 1st b4 travelling to arts for the lecture. but today i decided to be a good student and decided to go early for the lecture.

so i had to takeaway my lunch during the 10-12 lecture break n eat it "discreetly" during the lecture. juz i was happily travelling to arts for the lecture, thinking i was going to be early but i noticed that nobody was entering the lecture hall for lessons, funny. then i saw a notice on the door of the lecture hall.


wtf? well done, everytime i go late got lecture, and the only time i make effort to go early, there's no lecture.

on another note, do check out the new pix i unloaded.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

nw tagboard, new blog link, added these new stuff, the epl turning into a one-team league, chelsea seem unstoppable, 5 games 5 wins, maximum pts and no goals conceded, Arsenal is not looking good, 4 games 2 wins 2 lost, Man u ah, suffering from post international blues, sianz...

"Are u still working on that?" from Leo Cullum.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

the ppl u find in the mrt

  • the bookworm

can always be seen with a book/novel, normally females. has the inate ability to read and balance at the same time. eg: like one hand hold on the railing, other hand hold the book. but the more skilled ones can balance on a crowded train without the aid of the railing and still carry on reading.

  • the desperate-for-seat auntie

may be alone or with group of aunties. 1st thing she does after entering the train, is to scan the train to see got any empty seats or not. if dun have she'll sulk and bo bian hang on to railing while still keeping a close eye on the seats.

special skill: radar scanner for seats, ability to spot any empty seats within a 5m radius and can teleport instantly to the seat with her qing gong skills.

but if anyone manages to get to the empty seat faster than her, she'll stare at the person who "stole" her seat like as if the person killed her father or something like that.

  • the never-ending conversation Office ladies

usually in groups of 2 or more. can find 1001 topics to discuss and can discuss non-stop from pasir ris to jurong east. if lucky, u'll be able to find some decent looking ones, else u 'll find those going to turn into aunties that kind. with time, they will evolve into the the never- ending conversation aunties.

everytime i go YIH see doc, i get a shock...

wah liew, medicine nowadays super expensive leh, visit doctor once only pay $50 already.

sigh, been coughing ever since that day visit doctor for the monsterous $38 bill, now plus today's $50 bill, wah kaoz, spend close to $100 on medicine and its not even the mid-term break. so since the cough wont go away, so bo bian listen to mom's advice n visit doc again.

just when i thought it's just a routine medical consultation, with the normal cheapo medicine(cough syrup+lozanges) that they normally dispense, then the doctor tells me this:

"you may have slight asthma cough, so i'm gonna have to give u an inhaler"

my 1st reaction: momentarily stunned, asthma? wtf?

2nd reaction: inhaler? wtf? oh shit, that's gonna cost a bomb again.

as expected, the inhaler didnt come cheap, the total bill was $48.90, kaoz..
inhaler+cough syrup+some tablet thingy=$48.90

sigh, then on doc's orders, muz go back 2 weeks later for review, see if the inhaler got work or not. think i gonna have phobia of seeing doc already, everytime see doc, get shock only.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

lecture review

i've discovered several types of lecturers/lectures n it's not according to the type of module or faculty, but rather it's like which lecture is must attend and which lecture is a waste of time.

Lectures which die die, muz go:
(this sem)
  • MA1104 multivariable calculus. y? the lecture covers a lot of things and goes at a flash. there were 2 coursepacks, and the lecturer already finished the 1st stack of notes. u'll feel very lost if u juz miss one session.
  • MA2213 numerical analysis. the notes that the lecturer gives are insufficient, the lecturer will usually give u extra stuff to copy thats mostly relevant to wat u have to know.

Lectures which are decent enuf to attend,n after missing 1 or 2 lectures, u should still be able to catch up:

  • MA2108 advanced calculus 2. the lecturer already posted all of his notes online, and wat he covers in class is mostly in the notes.
  • GEK2001 changing landscapes, you go to lectures juz expecting to listen about the topic.

Lectures which u can miss for the whole sem:

  • PC1327 science of music. the lecturer spends more than 30 mins explaining the links he posts on the course website. it is very advantageous to have a musical background, u can virtually skip all his lessons and still be able to compose a midi file(25% of total grade).

Saturday, September 03, 2005

finally an update.

yes, been rather lazy lately, n busy also, tutorials like keep piling up only.

but now i shall introduce some of the types of students that u come might come across at nus.

  • the super kiasu student: the type who will always sit in the front row of every single lecture, and will not give up any opportunity to ask the lecturer/tutor qns, be it related or not. and may persist into "stalking" aka following lecturer/tutor around.
  • the know-it-all student: the student who never fails to answer any qn that the lecturer throws at the class, the whole lecture group virtually looks at the person and awaits an answer, it's like the responsibility of this student to provide the class with correct answers. and during tutorials will jump at any chance to present their "better than the rest of the class" answers. they will argue that the answer that the other students give are flawed and theirs is the best and only answer.
  • the really bad dress sense student: may be seen with shorts(pulled up really high, almost til waist level) and tucked in worn-out polo tees/old school tees from jc days, looks like an over-grown kid, but rumours say that these students tend to be smarter than the average student.
  • the trying to attract attention student: normally females lah this kind, dress very sexily then purposely wake into lecture late, then expect the whole lecture to look at them. and may persist in a little flirting with the lecturer/tutor so as to try to obtain any tips that the lecturer/tutor may give.
  • the computer game obsessed student: mostly seen carrying laptops into lectures to play games like DOTA or multiplayer online games like maple story, etc. it's like a standard operating procedure, go in lecture, take out laptop. plug in earphones, start-up DOTA n play away.
  • the super genius: able to skip lectures and still understand wats going on in class. never fails to get lower than an A, if asked about grades, will complain about the A- that pulled their perfect CAP score down.
  • (new entry) the really powerfully pungent student:applies god-knows wat kinda perfume/cologne/powder to the body, can be smelled from at least 3meters away. flowers can be seen wilting when the person walks by. there's like an aura of bad air hovering around the person, avoid at all cost.