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Thursday, September 08, 2005

the ppl u find in the mrt

  • the bookworm

can always be seen with a book/novel, normally females. has the inate ability to read and balance at the same time. eg: like one hand hold on the railing, other hand hold the book. but the more skilled ones can balance on a crowded train without the aid of the railing and still carry on reading.

  • the desperate-for-seat auntie

may be alone or with group of aunties. 1st thing she does after entering the train, is to scan the train to see got any empty seats or not. if dun have she'll sulk and bo bian hang on to railing while still keeping a close eye on the seats.

special skill: radar scanner for seats, ability to spot any empty seats within a 5m radius and can teleport instantly to the seat with her qing gong skills.

but if anyone manages to get to the empty seat faster than her, she'll stare at the person who "stole" her seat like as if the person killed her father or something like that.

  • the never-ending conversation Office ladies

usually in groups of 2 or more. can find 1001 topics to discuss and can discuss non-stop from pasir ris to jurong east. if lucky, u'll be able to find some decent looking ones, else u 'll find those going to turn into aunties that kind. with time, they will evolve into the the never- ending conversation aunties.


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