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Saturday, September 03, 2005

finally an update.

yes, been rather lazy lately, n busy also, tutorials like keep piling up only.

but now i shall introduce some of the types of students that u come might come across at nus.

  • the super kiasu student: the type who will always sit in the front row of every single lecture, and will not give up any opportunity to ask the lecturer/tutor qns, be it related or not. and may persist into "stalking" aka following lecturer/tutor around.
  • the know-it-all student: the student who never fails to answer any qn that the lecturer throws at the class, the whole lecture group virtually looks at the person and awaits an answer, it's like the responsibility of this student to provide the class with correct answers. and during tutorials will jump at any chance to present their "better than the rest of the class" answers. they will argue that the answer that the other students give are flawed and theirs is the best and only answer.
  • the really bad dress sense student: may be seen with shorts(pulled up really high, almost til waist level) and tucked in worn-out polo tees/old school tees from jc days, looks like an over-grown kid, but rumours say that these students tend to be smarter than the average student.
  • the trying to attract attention student: normally females lah this kind, dress very sexily then purposely wake into lecture late, then expect the whole lecture to look at them. and may persist in a little flirting with the lecturer/tutor so as to try to obtain any tips that the lecturer/tutor may give.
  • the computer game obsessed student: mostly seen carrying laptops into lectures to play games like DOTA or multiplayer online games like maple story, etc. it's like a standard operating procedure, go in lecture, take out laptop. plug in earphones, start-up DOTA n play away.
  • the super genius: able to skip lectures and still understand wats going on in class. never fails to get lower than an A, if asked about grades, will complain about the A- that pulled their perfect CAP score down.
  • (new entry) the really powerfully pungent student:applies god-knows wat kinda perfume/cologne/powder to the body, can be smelled from at least 3meters away. flowers can be seen wilting when the person walks by. there's like an aura of bad air hovering around the person, avoid at all cost.


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