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Monday, August 22, 2005

students should give more respect to lecturers

there this certain maths module that i have to take, and with the stupid cors thingy that nus have in place, u have to select and rank the tutorial slots that you wan. and so for this particular module, the lecturer was supposed to open 5 tutorial classes but due to dunno wat ever reasons, he had to reduce it to 3 classes instead. and only the timing for the 1st 2 classes were fixed, and so the lecturer had to get the rest of the students without a tutorial group to gather after the lecture and discuss which timeslot they(the students) could make it for tutorial.and so the lecturer went down the list,
he went something like this:
"monday 0900-1000 all free?"
"okay we try monday 1000-1100?"

the lecturer carried on til he used up all the available timeslots that he could find. and in a moment of desperation he suggested 8-9pm wed or thurs.most of the students agreed to this particular late timeslot but there was this certain student who objected to having late lessons.she, (yes it was a female student) went on to rebuke the lecturerby saying

"Sir, you are being very unreasonable. i stay in hall and need to go back to hall to do stuff, Sir you never stay in hall, you dunno what's it like."
and when the lecturer asks if the class can make it for friday 8-9pm, this particular student objected again. she went
" Sir, friday cannot, friday is my major major major major major activity that i must go one"(yes she repeated the word major many time to stress her pt)and to appease everyone, the lecturer decided to cut the tutorial into 2 parts and hold it 25mins after his twice-a-week lecture.

if i were the lecturer, i would simply tick the student off and ask her this" studies more important or hall activities?"students NOWs-adays ah... sigh...


  • i had to re-publish this post as somebody decided to use my comments as an advertising board. and i shall declare this particular student as the gal with the super major, normal students only got one major, those super smart one got double major, but this gal is the most pow-der-ful, she's super major, even more li-hai than double major, dun play play.

    By Blogger woshiyiduoyun, at 5:25 PM  

  • chio anot? not chio then tell her to find a cow and poke herself lah

    By Anonymous Ur Favourite Graduated Senior, at 5:27 PM  

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