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Thursday, August 11, 2005

what happened on wed...

wed was my 1st day back in sch proper as a student to attend lectures, as i still have not printed any notes, i decided to make a trip down to central library to print my notes, i hate printing notes in sci, dunno y.

and as usual, there's the mad rush to find an un-used computer terminal to use. then as i still have not printed my timetable, i decided to transfer the file to the comp terminal so that i could print, i opened up my laptop beside my computer terminal.

not long after, there was a grp of 4 gals discussing very loudly on whether to borrow my laptop or not, since i got laptop n comp terminal,
sample of their very loud conversation:
"there there, ask that guy lah, he got laptop, ask him lah to borrow his laptop to check the notes"

i heard them lah, so i turned my head to look at them, 2 of them noticed that i was looking at them n pretty soon, the rest also found out that i saw n heard them. n since i knew of their plan, so they decided to borrow my laptop lah, but dunno y my laptop got some prob lahm cannot access, so i offered my comp terminal to them, then they happily logged into the ivle n printed their notes. as they were pretty new to printing notes, they didnt know how to select multiple pages for the pdf file format, so i had to help them with it. then since the comp terminal is logged in using my user id, i also had to give them my user id to print out the notes.

then i also had to print my 100+ pages of notes, but luckily i sent the files to the 1st printed which was relativly empty compared to the 2nd printer which ran out of paper and had a long waiting list of files in the queue. while waiting for my notes, i noticed the set of CM1111 notes that the grp of gals printed juz now, it come out fresh out of the 2nd printer, then being a nice guy, i took their notes to them.

but that's not all, juz when i thought for the rest of the sem, i would never see that grp of gals again. it turns out that one of them was the fren of one of my freshies in sow, n it juz so happened that we all took the same bus 95 to bouna vista n the same direction for the mrt(east). the world's too small lah, i tell u.


  • haha... wat u trying to hint???

    By Anonymous ra, at 12:36 AM  

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