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Saturday, August 27, 2005

1st concert ever

time to talk about the 1st concert i attended, it's a totally different experience from those normal school/hall or wat-ever concerts that u've attended outside, the atmosphere is really unique, just to sit in the concert hall and listen to someone perform. i always expected my 1st ever concert to be somewhere along the line of the SSO of sumthing like that. but oh well,

the esplanade presents:
Pipes and Pedals: Jane Parker-Smith in Concert "Virtuoso!"

okay, i may know nothing about the classical stuff she's playing, but did really enjoy the 1st piece she played.

Alexandre Guilmant
Morceae de Concert(Op 24)

even though it was really a long piece, 13:00, was rather impressed with the way she played this piece. then was a little lost for the rest of the concert, didnt fall asleep, but didnt really enjoy/understand the rest of the music.(pipe organ leh)
then at the end of every piece, she'll bow to us while we clap to show our apperciation.

at the end of the concert, we had to keep clapping while she decides if she shall play an encore for us or not, but the thing i dun understand is y she muz bow to us after playing then go to the back stage, then come out bow again, then go back again then finally come back out to play her encore pieces.

ive got another concert to attend, it's a piano one somemore leh, this time it's:

Daimler Chrysler Great Classics
Presented by Singapore Symphony Orchestra


  • wah...got classical music concerts?neva jio me? btw...the bowing thing is a form of courtesy...professionalism.

    By Blogger quest_gal 仪, at 1:03 AM  

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