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Thursday, August 25, 2005

over-hyped IT fair

was tricked into travelling to MPSH to look at the IT fair, nothing much at all, i expected like many many vendors, with more people and a bustling atmosphere, and wat did i see? over-zealous vendors happily "forcing" leaflets to u. i can like basically like glance through the hall and count the no of vendors mentally(maybe a little close to 30), thats how pathetic it is, there's the usual Singtel booth, Canon n the laptop vendors for 2005, boring....

as i was walking to the bus stop with Yao Hui, we noticed a car kenna clamped cause the guy(i presume) parked in some reserved lot, haha, blood sway man this fellow, then attached to the clamp is this cone with the following message "Your vehicle is clamped. Please contact security at tel: XXXX XXXX" could not resist taking a few pix of this car with the clamp n the sign, and at the same time, i took a good look at the car number plate and went to buy 4D: 7583. hope there's some really gd luck left in this car after all.

attended my 1st concert(Esplanade concert some more leh, dun play play) in all my 21 yrs. feel so proud now, haha, like suddenly become more high-class, like ability to enjoy classical music double like that. will write more on another entry.


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