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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

lecturer with an attitude

juz when for a changing landscapes(arts fac) lecture, the 1st one i attended, although it's already week 3, reason: the 1st week lecture was cancelled by default(national day), i missed the 2nd one due to not feeling well n reluctance to come to sch, there was a make-up lecture on wed evening, but i gave it a miss as it'll be recorded n stored online, so i can juz go home n watch it in the comfort of my home.(darn, y cant all lectures be placed online?)

the lecture was talking abt national monuments, and were looking for Americans to recognise the Lincoln memorial hall pic she had on her lecture in her class, she saw some caucasians somewhere in the middle but they were British. so she started to ask the class again if there were any Americans in the class, and when she noticed that there were no Americans in her class(maybe there were, and they juz wanted to ignore her) Then she called the "invisible"(if any) Americans : "Cowards."

nice response, i would say.

on a lighter note, managed to get a computer terminal rather easily at the central library,(thats y i can type this entry now) , instead of the usual walking around aimlessly, breathing down people's neck so that people will give out their comp terminal for me to use. there was this person who called out to me while i was still searching for a comp,i was looking around to make sure that this person was really calling out to me, and not some other person, i was trying hard to recall if i knew this person from memory, but this person promptly told me that she's leaving soon and i could use the comp if i wan. didnt expect this to happen, oh well, there ARE nice people around in nus after all. i sometimes wonder if i can be a nice as the previous user b4 me.


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