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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

lecture review

i've discovered several types of lecturers/lectures n it's not according to the type of module or faculty, but rather it's like which lecture is must attend and which lecture is a waste of time.

Lectures which die die, muz go:
(this sem)
  • MA1104 multivariable calculus. y? the lecture covers a lot of things and goes at a flash. there were 2 coursepacks, and the lecturer already finished the 1st stack of notes. u'll feel very lost if u juz miss one session.
  • MA2213 numerical analysis. the notes that the lecturer gives are insufficient, the lecturer will usually give u extra stuff to copy thats mostly relevant to wat u have to know.

Lectures which are decent enuf to attend,n after missing 1 or 2 lectures, u should still be able to catch up:

  • MA2108 advanced calculus 2. the lecturer already posted all of his notes online, and wat he covers in class is mostly in the notes.
  • GEK2001 changing landscapes, you go to lectures juz expecting to listen about the topic.

Lectures which u can miss for the whole sem:

  • PC1327 science of music. the lecturer spends more than 30 mins explaining the links he posts on the course website. it is very advantageous to have a musical background, u can virtually skip all his lessons and still be able to compose a midi file(25% of total grade).


  • i dun agree with you! so what if have a music background? it's abt doing midis...imo, it's those who are gd with computers that can do tt!

    By Blogger quest_gal 仪, at 11:08 PM  

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