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Thursday, September 08, 2005

everytime i go YIH see doc, i get a shock...

wah liew, medicine nowadays super expensive leh, visit doctor once only pay $50 already.

sigh, been coughing ever since that day visit doctor for the monsterous $38 bill, now plus today's $50 bill, wah kaoz, spend close to $100 on medicine and its not even the mid-term break. so since the cough wont go away, so bo bian listen to mom's advice n visit doc again.

just when i thought it's just a routine medical consultation, with the normal cheapo medicine(cough syrup+lozanges) that they normally dispense, then the doctor tells me this:

"you may have slight asthma cough, so i'm gonna have to give u an inhaler"

my 1st reaction: momentarily stunned, asthma? wtf?

2nd reaction: inhaler? wtf? oh shit, that's gonna cost a bomb again.

as expected, the inhaler didnt come cheap, the total bill was $48.90, kaoz..
inhaler+cough syrup+some tablet thingy=$48.90

sigh, then on doc's orders, muz go back 2 weeks later for review, see if the inhaler got work or not. think i gonna have phobia of seeing doc already, everytime see doc, get shock only.


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