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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

please be careful on the roads

didnt really witness the 2 accidents, but heard from frens who got involved in them today.

Accident 1

fren finding parking lot in science car-park beside Lt23, was sanwiched between a Nissan sunny infront and a Honda behind. The Nissan reversed and knocked into my fren's car. there was nothing my fren could do to avoid the accident.(in his words, he could onli sound his car horn and look on as the car infront banged into him) he managed to get a signed agreement from the person who reversed into his car to pay for his damages. there was not much visible damage but when he started his car engine there was this weird sound, so he dare not drive and had to call for a tow-truck.

(in the end, there was not much damage to his car, as the mechanic told him that it was some air con pipe thingy)

Accident 2

fren driving along Yishun ave 1 turning into Yishun ave 4. there were 2 lanes and both lanes had the turn left sign. my fren was on the other lane. he saw a bicicyle travelling on the same road, but going straight. just as my fren was making the turn, the bicycle banged into him. he quickly got down to access the damage to the person.
(luckily the person didnt sustain any injuries and the only damage to the bicycle was that the bicycle chain came off) the man started demanding compensation from my fren, and pretending to be very injured. saying things like his back was hurting n dunno wat. my fren was offered to send the guy to some hospital or call the ambulance to access his damage. but the man demanded to see the police. my fren also offered to send the guy to the police station, but the guy refused. and still demanded the police to come. my fren had no choice but to call for the police.
there was nothing much the police could do as there was no serious or visible injuries to the guy. in the end, the guy didnt get any compensation as he was in the wrong first and still tried to get compensation for his "injuries" the car my fren was driving also didnt get bumped or dented, which is a gd thing considering that it's his dad's car.

7 strikes in a row

it was a good decision to go for training today. bowled a high game of 252 today.
(hmm, think it's my highest so far but there's always room for improvement)

i got 7 strikes in a row. which means i striked from the 1st to the 7th frame. in any normal competition or league, the people at the front desk would annouce your name, and everybody would gather and watch u bowl your 8th frame. cause if u get a perfect game, there's usually some monetary incentive. (plus it's a personal achievement to get a perfect game, getting 300, it's definately not easy, the odds are stacked enormously against you, cause you have to get your ball consistantly into the correct area for 12 consecutive times, and hope that your luck is riding high, meaning no pins left behind)

i took a picture of it, but it's not very clear as i took it using my camera phone.
(sidenote: i saw some guy with a digital camera taking shots of my score while he was hanging about in the bowling alley, haha. i was getting a fair bit of attention from the team and other bowlers before i got a 7 on the 8th frame, sianz. haha.)


=the quality or state of being humble
(for a moment, i thought i spelt it wrongly, cause i cant spell for nuts but can construct sentences)

saw some unpleasant scenes today. regarding humility.

IF i ever own or drive a car, the way i drive is up to me. the destination will be decided by me, how i decide to go will be my problem. i can take a detour if i want to. the time in which i wanna leave will be decided by me. you can offer suggestions like giving me info on the shortest route or a short cut. u can give suggestions on when is a good time to leave.

but please do not attempt to force others to accept your pre-mediated decision.

(i hope i'm being vague enough to protect the identity of the person i'm referring to)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

this is the 1st cake, some belgian chocolate cake. these were for Yu han's 23th bdae. 23?? yah the ppl around me are getting that old, n i'm gonna join them soon also.

this is the 2nd cake. they got 2 cakes as they were expecting quite a no of ppl.


i can go on n on abt them, haha.
veteran of writing help-sheets, written for at least 8 mods so far.
think will get A+ in this mod:

HS1100 Basics of help-sheet

lectures will consist on the art of writing small n using short forms. making full use of every available white space. practicals will consist of using different coloured lights to contrast equations written in different colours. the final exam will consist of writing a help-sheet on the spot, n will be graded on the amount of information squeezed inside.

Friday, September 22, 2006

help sheet vs no help sheet vs open-book

optimum condition: open book

cause no need to waste time trying to remember facts/formulas/theorems
plus save time on writing help-sheet.

the ONLI maths mod that i ever had open-book is Ma1104.
super happy.

not-so-optimum condition, but just as crucial: help sheet

squeezing the entire sem of materials into 1 A4-sized paper is not easy.
i'm totally dependent on help-sheet. lets juz say that i'm too used to having one that i would feel lost without it.

but sometimes i also dunno y i write help-sheet, when i dun even refer to it during the test or exam, but gab pointed out a very gd pt, it's more for peace of mind. u'll be more mentally prepared going into the test/exam.

worst situation: no help sheet.

totally lost, n dunno wat to do.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

remember that time?

i posted abt striking 4D at the singapore pools outlet near maxwell food centre. i went back there today to give cakes i bought for the auntie who brought me luck by checking my ic. haha, i really believe in things known as luck, n since i promised to buy sumthing for them if i strike 4d, i had to fulfil my promise to them. else i may not strike 4d again. of course, i bought 4d again there today lah, but too bad never strike. nvm, still got tomolo. haha. but regreted not buying 9908 on wed, this was the no that i told der about. if his new car was this no, then better.

i think i can do this....

compile a book on the type of ppl that u see on the Singapore public transport system.

i dun take the mrt everyday, but it seems that when-ever i take the mrt, something happens or i see something happening. (most of the time)

for today,

there was this inconsiderate uncle who insisted on leaning on the pole despite 2 ppl(including me) holding on to the pole with our hands. the uncle juz leaned and automatically assumed that we would give way to him, argh....

we HAD to give way, else we'll be like holding on to his sweaty/smelly/god knows wat else shirt.

was leaning against the glass panel near the door for the remainder of the journey, when the mrt stopped at tanjong pagar, there were like a lot ppl waiting to board the train, the train was quite packed n there was this guy who had to squeeze in despite the train being rather full. n he did it by getting his whole body squeezed like a sardine right in front of where i was standing. n competing with me for my standing space.
thanks a lot. after the uncle with his huge body that needs to lean on a pole, i get a guy who's so desperate to board a mrt train, so muz squeeze with me for my space.

Friday, September 15, 2006

do not breathe down my neck when i'm using the pc

okay, this may sound evil, but if u do this kinda of things to me, i will be equally mean back to u.

okay, i'm again inside the comp lab, finished printing my stuff, so decided to surf net to idle the time away, as it so happens, most of the comps inside are either occupied or down with some technical problem, n it was not long that a queue started forming at the entrance of the cblc.

then a grp of students who were behind me, as i was using the comp nearest to the entrance started commented on wat i was surfing on the net( in case u're wondering, i was looking at soccernet) then they started commenting in some language asking me to hurry up. wat they didnt know is that i could understand their language (it's not english or chinese, so go figure the language on your own)

n since they were doing those kind of things behind my back, thinking that i dun understand anything,
so i decided to hog the computer longer even though i had nothing else to do online.

pls dun send me stupid emails

was checking my email, in school, science cblc. logged into my yahoo account. then click on some email my fren sent me. it was titled wat "adam n eve, ......."

looks harmless enuf, scroll down the pix to find out that it's some x-rated pictures in cartoon form.

then i quickly click on sumthing else so that the screen displays something else.
hope no one insde the comp lab saw it.

muz maintain my (non-existant) image.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

8am lessons are crazy.

to me:

6am=insane time, should be still sleeping.
8am=also sleeping.
10am=consider waking up.
12pm=gd time to wake up.

there is a very gd reason y i dun put 8am lessons, the biggest reason is i might not wake up in time n will end up missing most of the lessons. or i will wake up in time, n end up as a zombie for the rest of the day. my biggest concern is that i might actually fall asleep while eating my meals.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

me in the science library?

it's extremely rare to find me inside science library, esp when it's not reading week.
yah, but i was there doing my IT1003 assignment.
argh. there's too many assignements n projects this sem.
it feels strange to see such an empty sci library since i'm too used to seeing a library with more ppl inside.

wats even stranger is i feel more stress in a 5 mod sem than in a 6 mod sem.
lousy choice of mods bah.

i miss sci of music, it's too legendary a mod already.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

wat is Liverpool doing?

i dunno also, cant read the mind of their manager. they were poor from start to finish. Alonso was largely missing during the game. fowler was poor, could not make use of chances. carragher was poor, dun know how to defend. (i'm still not a Liverpool fan)

kudos to Eveton, they really deserved the win.

the scene that defined the whole match:

there was a liverpool fan sitted among the blue tide of Eveton, the whole blue crowd went wild after the 3rd goal, the liverpool fan could not believe his eyes, n just sulked while the ppl around him celebrated their win.

(sidenote: nope, didnt win $ from this match, lost $ instead, argh... damn u liverpool.)

wat can u do with 300GB?

i dun wish to know, n have no intention of finding out. all i know that it's an insane amt of hard disk space. considering that my laptop has 40GB, the desktop at home has 80GB. 300GB is just a monster.

juz bought an external hard-disk, 3.5" 300GB, combo(meaning usb2.0 + firewire)
for $209

which i think is pretty decent considering the fact that i saw the same package with 160GB inside going for $149 at some IT fair in science.

so far, the hard-disk is already filled with 52GB of stuff. i sometimes wonder how i manage to accumulate so much rubbish on both my desktop n laptop.

Friday, September 08, 2006

if u find it easy, keep your mouth shut

went for ma1100 lecture today, lecturer said something abt students complaining to him that the assignments are too easy.


it's a level 1000 mod, so they cant make it too hard.
n if u for watever reasons, find the given assignments too easy for your liking, then go bother yourself with something else, go take higher level mods, take cross-fac mods or wat-ever.
pls dun go n email or tell the lecturer thats it's too easy. keep your mouth shut!
you're not the onli person taking the module.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

tell-tale signs of a not-so-successful movie autograph session

  1. it's located beside a newspaper stand. n sand-wiched between 2 shopping centres.
  2. the no of ppl waiting to get autographs can be counted with 1 hand.(or slightly more than one hand, u cant really tell if the ppl are juz standing there waiting for the session to start or waiting for something else) when the autograph session is starting in 15 mins.
  3. there are more ppl working than ppl waiting to get autographs.
  4. the ppl working for this auto-graph session get restless, n sit around the stage n chit-chat.
  5. the movie is a direct video cd/ dvd release. meaning there's no cinema release.
  6. there is a counter selling the vcd/dvd of the movie beside the stage but nobody even bothers to give it a 2nd look.
  7. I cant even remember the title of the movie.

$500 chicken rice 2

(disclaimer: nope, this post is not abt me striking 4D again, where got so lucky, every wk strike.)
hmm, it seems as though a lot of ppl now know abt the $500 chicken rice,

So even if u come up to me , n say, "hey u that day juz strike 4D, can treat me or not?"

of course i wont reject u, most likely i'll buy u a drink or sumthing like that. yah, thats wat i'll do. =p

Friday, September 01, 2006

need winning toto numbers

can anyone out there give me the winning combination of toto numbers for this monday's toto draw?

sigh, my fren juz got his car today, it's not actually his car, it's a family car, but his parents dun have driving lisence, the onli other person with a class 3 driving lisence is his sister who juz happens to work near his house. so basically the car is under his control.

yes, i'm rather envious of him.

realised that striking 4D is not enuf to pay for a car, unless i bet like $50 on a number n muz strike top prize somemore. haha. had trouble squeezing onto bus no 95 this evening, waited until the 4th bus n muz walk up to one bus stop earlier then can juz manage to squeeze insde. sianz. it's situations like this, that u wish u got a car. can juz hop in, drive home.
(n laugh at those ppl still waiting for 95 at sci bus-stop, omg, i feel so evil)

ok, winning 4D numbers also can.