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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

7 strikes in a row

it was a good decision to go for training today. bowled a high game of 252 today.
(hmm, think it's my highest so far but there's always room for improvement)

i got 7 strikes in a row. which means i striked from the 1st to the 7th frame. in any normal competition or league, the people at the front desk would annouce your name, and everybody would gather and watch u bowl your 8th frame. cause if u get a perfect game, there's usually some monetary incentive. (plus it's a personal achievement to get a perfect game, getting 300, it's definately not easy, the odds are stacked enormously against you, cause you have to get your ball consistantly into the correct area for 12 consecutive times, and hope that your luck is riding high, meaning no pins left behind)

i took a picture of it, but it's not very clear as i took it using my camera phone.
(sidenote: i saw some guy with a digital camera taking shots of my score while he was hanging about in the bowling alley, haha. i was getting a fair bit of attention from the team and other bowlers before i got a 7 on the 8th frame, sianz. haha.)


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