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Friday, September 15, 2006

do not breathe down my neck when i'm using the pc

okay, this may sound evil, but if u do this kinda of things to me, i will be equally mean back to u.

okay, i'm again inside the comp lab, finished printing my stuff, so decided to surf net to idle the time away, as it so happens, most of the comps inside are either occupied or down with some technical problem, n it was not long that a queue started forming at the entrance of the cblc.

then a grp of students who were behind me, as i was using the comp nearest to the entrance started commented on wat i was surfing on the net( in case u're wondering, i was looking at soccernet) then they started commenting in some language asking me to hurry up. wat they didnt know is that i could understand their language (it's not english or chinese, so go figure the language on your own)

n since they were doing those kind of things behind my back, thinking that i dun understand anything,
so i decided to hog the computer longer even though i had nothing else to do online.


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