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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ban Kgourmet cafe!

where n wat is it?

it's actually a cafe located inside pgp, it's juz opposite the lousy pgp food court which i also condemn.

things that i can accept:
u raise prices suddenly. u charge me $4 for a pizza at first, then 1 fine day i go, u charge me $4.50 without any notice.
thats okay, so as long, as u continue to maintian the standard of your food,(not to mention u're the nearest place selling food at 10pm) n i'll be willing to pay.

things that i cannot accept:
u make me wait a long time for my food, n u finally give me my take-away after dunno how long. then i bring the take-away to my room, i open up the pizza, take a bite, n spit the rest out instantly, cause i juz took a bite out of a burnt pizza.(the underside of the pizza was burnt)
i quickly re-packed the pizza n brought it back to the cafe.
the moment i show the pizza to the boss, the boss tries to "bluff" me saying the top of the pizza looks fine. i show u the burnt underside, while u reluctantly try to change a pizza for me.
u offer me a choice of spagetti or the same pizza, i choose to have the same pizza. then i sit down n wait. while hoping for cafe to pacify me by offering me a free upsize or wat-ever despite the time i spent waiting for your pizza+ travelling back n forth to the cafe. i checked the clock on my phone, n it was almost 30mins(from the 1st visit) since i first stepped into the cafe n ordered my food. i got so fed up, i simply asked for a refund, n decided to spend my $ elsewhere.

ppl say that i got nice temper, ie i dun get angry easily no matter who u suan me. u can make jokes abt my height, my hair, my dressing, the way i bowl n wat-ever.

but pls dun mess with my food.
i have a short fuse when it comes to food. esp when i'm hungry.


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